MoserBaer powered by Solar PV

MoserBaer, the company famous for its CDs and DVDs is all set to explore the solar domain. The world is surging in search of renewable sources of energy that are harmless to the environment. MoserBaer intends to execute a thin film technology that will yield 565 MW in 3 years time. A total of $600 million will be invested in crystalline silicon technology. The market for thin-film is estimated to double in each of the next 3 years. The thin-film technology is cheaper than crystalline silicon technology but has lower conversion efficiency. To reduce costs the wafer is made thinner but the perimeter is increased so that more solar cells can be extracted from it. The automated process is a shrewd strategy the firm adopts to bring the manufacturing cost down. The company's CEO Yogesh Mathur believes MoserBaer's experience in thin film coating, optical and material science will be handy when it comes to solar PV panels. Apart from exports to western Europe and US local demand will also grow in the future. Fuel prices have increased considerably and solar power is gathering momentum in terms of reduction of prices and ease of installation. When the ends meet in the future solar power for domestic usage may become affordable for developing countries like ours.


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