Beware of wardrivers

A wardriver is someone who is on the move with a laptop or a smart phone in search of wireless networks with bad intentions. If he detects a WiFi network that is open and not password protected he could possibly unleash his vicious activities on the web. The wardriver can send anonymous emails, browse the web using the owner's IP and access secret information with almost no risk of being identified. A WiFi network has a range of 20-30m normally and this is enough for the wardrivers to make merry. It is virtually impossible to trace the wardriver through the web because the IP may point to the network owner. In the past several incidents have been reported to be triggered from unsafe wireless networks of educational institutions and public places. The process is not as difficult as hacking. A piece of software downloaded from the internet can do the job. If they are allowed to persist data theft will become common and there will be no room for privacy. Strict laws and creating awareness among the internet owners is the need of the hour.