Compact cars for the future

Indian small car market is growing rapidly and every company in the reckoning is investing on compact cars. Some companies are offering cars at striking discount to clear out the stocks. The new small cars will incorporate several new features like GPS navigation, ABS, airbags and automatic drive systems. The small cars will occupy less space on the roads compatible for a country like India which is just lackadaisical about developing the infrastructure. With Tata's Nano expected to hit the markets soon the competitors are gearing up for the race. Hyundai is all set to roll out its new model i20 after the success of i10 which is the car of the year. Maruti Suzuki have two models in the making namely A-star and Splash to hit the markets soon. Fiat is resting its hopes on the Grande Punto to capture the Indian markets. Honda will roll out its Jazz next year. Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen are also working on their own models to fortify their markets in India. A brand new Tata Indica is also awaited.

All these cars are estimated to be priced in the Rs3-5lakh zone barring the 1lakh Nano. They will sport engines below 1200cc in petrol models and below 1500cc in diesel models. With the competition heating up the customers can adopt the wait and watch strategy before buying a new sedan.

The best Country Music Portal

Country music is always like honey pouring in to your ears. Country music fans all over the world can now enjoy the best music online at The brand new website is a one stop place to find the latest albums, lyrics and news about country music. You can watch online streaming videos of all artists and also get the lyrics of all the songs. Country Music Lyrics are very close to the heart and soothing to listen. After a hectic work experience in the office all that you need to pacify yourself is a track from any country music performer. The lyrics are touching that it will pull even a person who hasn't heard country music before towards it. You will get to know about the latest gossips and Country Music News from this website dedicated for country music lovers across the globe. Country music forums give you an opportunity to discuss about the lyrics or artists with other music enthusiasts. The top 10 songs are listed for the users to make sure that they hear the best first.

My Computer

Everyday when I sit before my computer I have to be careful not to touch the monitor or any other part of the computer that is not insulated. The earthing in my house is not proper I guess and every electronic instrument in my home is in danger. Actually I'm using a spike buster and I thought it will compensate for the improper earthing. But it is of no use and the problem still persists. Anyone who dares to touch my computer will get severely injured. While sitting in front of my computer I always make sure that my feet are not touching the ground. This helps me nullify the shock effect. My friends have warned me that my PC will get spoilt. They were right, just a few weeks before I got my mother board replaced which cost me nearly Rs.9000. Now they say even my hard disk is in danger if I don't take any action soon. Being an electronic student I know about the hazards of poor earthing. I don't want another fault to occur in my PC. I'm going to call an electrician today.

The Cisco Learning Network

We live in the Telecommunications era and Networking has made it possible to shrink the world in to a global village. The IT industry has developed by leaps and bounds over the past decade and now the industry is all set to launch itself in every other industry exploring new domains and reaching a new high. Investing in the IT sector is the safest option in the market today. If you dig deeper you will learn that the internet and networking professionals form the backbone of the IT industry. These people work behind the screen to ensure that the IT people work efficiently.

To become a network engineer and earn big you need to get Cisco certification. Cisco certification is the key for a long-lasting career. A wide range of courses are available ranging from entry level to expert and specialist level. The high quality training programs will improve your skills and help you find the best jobs. The Cisco Learning Network is a social network which will guide you to become a better IT professional. By joining the community you will be provided with study materials, guides, articles and even games to make you move ahead in the technology race. The blog posts will keep you updated about the latest developments in networking and career opportunities. You can discuss your queries with other members online. Being an IT professional myself I know that the industry has the capability to sustain growth for a long time. New job opportunities are opening up everyday and the demand for certified professionals is growing rapidly. Many of my friends have already finished their CCNA course and are now employed in reputed companies. Cisco training is the best in the world and you have to make the best use of it. Cisco is the leading brand in the world of networking and stay connected by joining the Cisco Learning Network.

Missile Shield for India

After years of research and development it is now time to intercept missiles from the enemies. The two-tier missile shield will insulate Delhi from a possible terror strike. The scientists are working on the final phase of the project will soon be put to test under different conditions. The missile shield is made of two layers. The Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) will intercept an incoming missile at a height of 85Km and in case it misses the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) will encounter the missile at 35Km above the ground. The intercepting missile will travel at a velocity of 1.7KMps and the scientists are working on a 3-5KMps model. If the test is successful it will be integrated with the air defence grid for operation in other volatile cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai etc. The technology has already been mastered by all the developed nations in the world and India will be the latest addition. The tests are scheduled for September 2008 and lets keep our fingers crossed.

An interview myth

I'm a person who got selected in my first interview for a software company. I studied in a reputed college and understandably got my placement via campus interview. Though I haven't attended many interview sessions in my life I have heard numerous interview experiences from my friends. One thing that has puzzled me regarding interviews is that people often says that there selection panels and rejection panels in an interview conducted by any company. This is a fact that even I have come across during my won interviews but my mind has always refused to believe it. I had my interview for nearly 40 minutes and got selected by a company in the end. But some of my friends had an interview session that lasted only for 5 minutes and came out successfully. They were asked only basic questions and they told me that every guy who attended interview with a particular HR got selected. Some of my friends who didn't get selected complained that all the persons interviewed by a particular HR were rejected. So they believed that the two types of panels existed in reality. I have to admit the fact that some of my seniors who were already placed warned me about this concept before my interview.

Fortunately I got my placement and many of my friends also got placed in other companies in the ensuing months. But the mystery remains to be solved. I believe an interview is a test of character and we should never get pulled down by these myths.

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Facebook faces a shank controversy

Facebook, one of the leading social networking sites is being made culpable for spreading violence among children. One of the applications in facebook called as Superpoke allows users to virtually stab each other with a dagger like tool. Reacting to the controversy facebook has removed the element from its website. People campaigning against the use of knife online believe that this will send out the wrong message to children. Violent activities using knives are increasing among the youngsters according to reports. Therefore the kids should be driven away from these situations. The Superpoke application was created by and it allows users to send hugs, kisses, winks, cakes etc to other facebook users. A shank icon in the application could be used to stab each other. People are blaming facebook for being so irresponsible and demand severe actions by the authorities. Facebook is a wonderful platform for people to interact and redeem themselves. Controversies like this won't please the purist.

Get the best savings account for you

Today inflation is the main problem affecting our daily life. The rising crude oil prices and the hike in interest rates have forced us to think differently and redesign our fiscal strategies. We tend to extract more from our savings than before to balance our demands and expenses.

Opening a savings account in a bank that offers you the best interest rates is the most logical and judicious decision to take at this point of time. Finding the most conducive bank for your savings account is very easy with The website is doing the harder part of finding the best banks for you. The rates of checking accounts, savings accounts and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts of all the banks in US are monitored constantly by The banks are ranked according to their annual percentage yield (APY) to let the user make his choice. All the necessary information about the bank is given for your reference. You can analyze the performance of the banks by looking at the graphs provided. All the details are updated daily with the latest statistics. Reviews from current and former account holders will vividly portray the quality of service provided by a bank and its benefits. The savings accounts are safer way to invest and takes you closer to the banks.

Border Security on ABC

I live in India and I like this program called Border Security telecast on Australia Network at 6.30PM IST. The weekly television program gives an insight in to the immigration procedures adopted by leading airports in Australia. After watching the program for nearly two months now I find even the most educated people getting stuck with the customs officials. Most of them are oblivious about the rules to be followed while traveling abroad. Watching this program will educate people about the do's and don'ts while taking a trip down under. There are several guidelines to be followed and people often find themselves stupid for not having read the rules before embarking. The program also shows light on illegal drug peddlers using every trick in the trade to deceive the authorities. The astute authorities use technology and their sixth sense to identify the culprits. Most of us don't know exactly what it takes to get clearance from the customs. There is no point in traveling without knowing the rules. So watching this program regularly will make you realize your mistakes the next time you travel to a foreign country. The program is not just a part of your learning process but it is also exciting and thrilling to watch.

India will eradicate Polio by 2009

India is planning to eradicate Polio disease by 2009. The Government originally planned to eradicate the disease by 2000 but the number of Polio cases have shown a slight increase over last few years. The government is confident of annihilating this cruel disease from the country. Polio Myelitis is an acute viral disease that commonly affects children between 3 months and 5 years of age. The disease causes inflammation of the spinal cord affecting the central nervous system. The Polio Eradication Programme in India is working to spread awareness about the disease all over India. The disease can be prevented by a trivalent Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) to the infants. A global initiative to eradicate polio by WHO, UNICEF and Rotary Foundation began in 1988. Today Polio is eradicated from America, Europe, Australia and China but the disease still persists in India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Education and awareness will put an end to Polio in India. We all hope for a polio free India in 2009.

Comedy climate now in Chennai

I'm writing this post more out of madness rather than frustration or anything else. The reason is that I cannot understand the climate here. When I put on the fan in my house I feel very cold and very uncomfortable. But when I switch it off it starts sweating all over my body. It is an eerie feeling and very hard to convince myself. This is just the intermediate season between summer and the monsoon season. After suffering from the scorching summer over the past couple of months we are awaiting the monsoons here. To be honest we are awaiting the cyclones since Chennai gets most of its rain from cyclonic storms. Now we get occasional drizzles and dark clouds but not essentially rainfall. I'm also confused about my costume at home. Wearing a shirt increases sweating and removing it makes me quiver. I'm also catching cold frequently because of this type of oscillating climatic condtions. I'm also bewildered at times whether to carry an umbrella when I go out since there is always a cloud cover in the sky. The water in my well is also going dry day by day and I wish the rain Gods show some mercy for us here in Chennai.

Biofuel for cars

INEOS, the world's third largest chemical company claims that it has patented a method to produce bioethanol from municipal solid waste, agricultural left overs and commercial organic wastes. The company will be ready to market the biofuel by 2010. But the bioethanol should be mixed with a normal fuel before filling it in your car. This will help reduce your fuel bills which are now soaring high. The company has said that it will require 1 tonne of dry waste to produce 400 litres of bioethanol. The process involves heating the waste materials and generate gases which will be acted upon by bacterias to produce bioethanol that can be refined to produce fuel. The product is the brainchild of research for nearly 20years. The researchers have been working on this project since 2003 in a pilot plant by testing several waste materials. The fuel is believed to have better efficiency than other methods of producing biofuel. We cannot depend on fossil fuels for a long time and the resources are limited. Its high time that we realize the situation and plan for our future energy demands. There is also a overwhelming need to find methods to treat the daily wastes. By using technology the wastes could converted in to useful fuel.

Alzheimer's disease hope

A recent study reported in the journal BMC Neurology hints that a drug is capable of restoring speech ability in Alzheimer's patients. But experts have warned that it requires further testing in various other laboratories before we drawing up any conclusions. They are also concerned that these early results may raise premature hopes in patients and their families. The study conducted on 12 patients who showed improved language recall shortly after treating them with Enbrel or Etanercept, an anti-inflammatory drug. Patients showed verbal effects within few minutes of the first dose. Dr.Tobinik had invented this method which involves injecting the medicine in to the neck. He is charging between 10000-40000$ per patient for the treatment.

The Alzheimer's Association is concerned about the effectiveness of the treatment and has demanded for further studies. But Dr.Tobinik is upbeat about his invention and reports that patients show significant improvement. He said that the drug by working in the brain will block an excess of TNF which affects the communication. Dr.Scott Turner wants this drug to be tested under rigorous conditions. Whatever it may be let us pray that the disease will get a cure soon.

Power cut in Chennai

For the first time in history Chennai will have power being cut off for an hour from Monday. Tamilnadu Electricity Minister ARCOT VEERASAMY announced today that there is a shortage of power of nearly 1000MW and immediate action is necessary. By halting power supply for one hour in Chennai and for two hours in other major corporations a saving of nearly 300MW of power could be achieved. Also all the major industries will be granted one day leave in a week which will further reduce power consumption. To the people of Tamilnadu who were grieving under the undeclared power cuts over the last few months this present announcement will worsen their plight. The scarcity of power is attributed to lack of supply from the Hydel units of Tamilnadu. Water resources have gone dry and people are awaiting the monsoon. The Government has made this decision after consulting with the major industrialists in the state. It remains to be seen what impact it will have on the lifestyle of people in Chennai. Stung by inflation and the hike in fuel prices the power cut announcement couldn't have come at a better time. Lets hope that our miseries will atleast end here and the monsoons arrive sooner to save us.

Blu-ray blues

Many believe that Sony's Blu-ray has defeated Toshiba's HD-DVDs. Since Time Warner announced that it will not release its films in HD-DVD format blu-ray discs are on top. Blue lasers are thinner than conventional red lasers which means smaller writing area on the disc and more information storage or high package density. The customers are in a fix. First they bought movies on VHS tapes, then came CDs, now DVDs and maybe HD-DVDs or Blu-ray in the future. How can I have the same movie in different formats. While the battle between HD-DVDs and Blu-ray continues another phenomenon that can have an impact is online movie rental and downloads. Apple and Netflix already fighting it out with downloading movies online. The other important factor affecting this is movies available streaming online. You can just sit and watch a whole new movie without downloading and sometimes even without paying. Streaming videos are of poor quality but people don't mind. All these developments will be exciting to see who wins in the next few years.

Chennai Airport

Last Sunday I went to Chennai Airport to fetch my friend who was returning from Malaysia. He told me that his flight would arrive in Chennai by 10.30AM. I reached the airport by 10AM and glancing at the flight information board I found that his flight has been delayed. The flight is expected only by 11.40AM. I felt bad and had to sit there on the chairs outside. My friend told me that if you have to go inside you must get a Pass which costs Rs.50 or 60 which I'm not sure. So I waited patiently till 11.40AM and the flight arrived at last. But my miseries continued my friend was still not coming outside. I had to wait nearly an hour before I saw his face. We embraced each other and he breathed a sigh of relief. He told me that Indian Airlines and Air India flights always get delayed. The foreign flights arrive on time most of the time. He also told me that the Chennai Airport standards are not up to world standards and that it needs a face lift. We thought of taking a Taxi but changed our minds and entered the local AC bus and reached home. Prepaid taxi and car rental services are available at the airport.


Yesterday I went for the movie Dasavatharam at Satyam Cinemas and yes the film was very good. Kamalahasan deserves a salute for his hardwork and perseverance. The first twenty minutes of the film is fabulous and meets the standards of a high quality Hollywood movie. I feel Tamil Cinema is badly in need of a good historical film with a huge budget. The story starts with a look back at the 12th century in Tamil culture and the rest of the story travels from US to India. All the ten characters are handled exceptionally well although I'm not so impressed by the appearances of a couple of characters. My favorite character in the movie is that of Vincent Poovaragan who gives his own life in the process of saving his foe's children. Rangarajan Nambi sizzles in his role. The character Balram Naidu is a master piece and makes you forget your sorrows. The Sardarji Avtar Singh is another beautifully crafted role and the Villain role Fletcher is really rocking. Asin has played her part perfectly. Tsunami is used as the antidote for the virus in the climax which is nothing more than fiction. The film is the best proof that we can make Hollywood quality movies here in Kollywood.

Kuselan facts

Tamil cinema has reached a pinnacle thanks to films like Sivaji and Dasavatharam. Now its time for Kuselan to break the records. The superstar is optimistic about the film and the initial statistics are stunning. The Theatre rights alone have fetched Rs.63 crores and the total revenue for the first phase of sales have crossed Rs.100 crores. All this because one magical name Rajinikanth. In an era where new films face several hurdles like pirated DVDs and internet downloading Kuselan's audio rights have been sold for over Rs.2.5 crores which is incredible. Rajini has infinite fans across the globe and no wonder his films are highly successful. The film Sivaji is a landmark in Tamil cine industry in terms of profit but Dasavatharam has broken it. Now its rajini's turn to give a friendly reply to Kamalahasan through Kuselan. Kuselan has broken the record set by Sivaji and Dasavatharam for the number of prints for the film. Kuselan has 1200 prints under process beating 800 prints for sivaji and 1000 for Dasavatharam. The film will be released worldwide and in more than 200 theatres here in Tamilnadu. It is the remake of a malayalam film and Pasupathi is the hero of the movie.

Get rid of your spectacles

Science and technology have changed our day to day life. Their penetration into our daily life has changed the way we go about our routine errands. But they have also introduced mankind to new diseases because of radiation hazards, pollution, global warming and many more adverse effects. But science has also the solution for these effects.

Human eyes are the most beautiful things in our body and modern lifestyle has forced many people to don the spectacles. The branch of ophthalmology has grown considerably over the last two decades and no promises a spectacle free life. These days people have switched to the contact lenses mode which may perhaps be a bit irritating and tearful for the first few days of wearing them. Now the technology has improved and you can get your normal authentic vision restored in a matter of minutes.

The new Laser technology owes freedom from spectacles. A laser called LASIK is capable of correcting refractive errors like Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism. The Intralase fires a tiny rapid laser pulse to create a flap in the cornea. The doctor removes the flap and redesigns the cornea with the aid of Excimer laser. The flap is then replaced and it quickly adheres to the primary tissue. Patients have reported better quality of vision after undergoing this procedure. The whole process takes only about twenty minutes and you can get rid of your spectacles...

Yaradi Nee Mohini - Movie Review

The film is a bit slow in the beginning for the first twenty minutes or so and then gathers momentum due to excellent performances by Dhanush, Nayanthara, Raghuvaran, Karthick and Saranya Mohan. The film starts with Dhanush in search for a job facing all sorts of questions in his interviews and finally getting placed in a company where Nayanthara is his project leader.Raghuvaran plays the role of a usual middle class father in his own beautiful way. The film takes a huge turn when Raghuvaran dies the next day after he was insulted by Nayanthara.Dhanush was left stranded and his friend Karthick comes to his rescue by inviting him to his native place for his marriage. A disaster awaits Dhanush when he comes to know that Nayanthara is the fiancee of Karthick.

The cute Saranya Mohan who has been casted as the sister of Nayanthara is full of vigor and slowly a love triangle forms between Dhanush and the sisters. Saranya's character is handled exceptionally well. She is portrayed as an adolescent girl madly in love but later was made to realise that its too early to seek a guy in life by Dhanush himself. But the downside is that the director has just forgot to decide the fate of Karthick. The climax is a bit too lengthy and should have been crisper. The film deserved a clean and clear climax.