Sensors to aid in heart ailments

Doctors can have a few advantages in treating heart patients but installing a sensor that monitors the performance characteristics of the heart. The sensors can improve the quality of life and helps the patients to manage the disease themselves more efficiently. A patient who has undergone a heart surgery needs monitoring under hospital circumstances but sensors can do the job with the patient at home. The sensor will help the doctors to accurately predict the timing of an operation to be performed on a person with chronic heart disorder by providing information continuously. The number of heart failure cases is going up day by day and these sensors will have a major impact in reducing the rate of failures and estimating future health problems.

The sensor made up of semiconductor materials vibrates at a rate proportional to the pressure inside the heart. These vibrations are converted into radio pulses by a detector and measured in a reader. A patient can see his own readings at home on the reader. Several doctors have welcomed this pressure sensor technology. The device may not be a cure but certainly a step ahead in treating heart patients. Atleast it prevents the nostalgia of hospitals...!

Spanish fonts like never before

Here is a website that offers you a huge collection of spanish true type fonts which can be downloaded for free from the webmasters. HBZ is one of the most famous websites of spanish community and has several popular sections. A new service called true type fonts lets you download spanish fuentes for free. The database has more than 31k fonts which is much greater than the fonts offered by other websites. You have the option to preview every font in different styles and in any color you like. The styles are very good and instructions are given about the fonts. The service is completely user friendly and technically good. The service is essentially a spanish service but any user can easily download it from the website. One thing that impressed me is the enormous amount of fonts available and the appearance of them. All the colors are available for the fonts and you can choose the best for your use.

Another highly useful feature provided by the website is the list of proxys which are updated daily. The table provides a list of proxys with the IP address, port number and the country name. You can trust this website to provide you with the best possible spanish fuentes.

Blackberry users demand extra pay

Blackberry which seemed to be a boon for business and offices but it has turned out to be a headache for the companies. The phone lets you connect to your job and office from anywhere in the world but this has prompted the employees to demand extra pay since they have been working outside office hours. Especially the employees of television networks and news agencies are in the fore front since they type in to update the latest information on the issues they have been working with. The workers of ABC news have reached an agreement with the management regarding their extra salary for their time spend out of office. The company has accepted to pay them on specific situations.

Workers unions in America have submitted similar pleas to their respective companies. I think this is a healthy situation and the managements should consider the workers requests and decide upon a salary structure on mutual consent. There are legal issues to be addressed in this case and companies should maintain transparent policies in this issue. The other side of it is some mischievous employees misusing the privilege to their own benefits which could entail them for legal actions. Blackberry is a wonderful technology and should be channelized for better performance of a company.

India's first hybrid car

Honda has launched its brand new hybrid sedan in to the Indian market. The car works in dual mode on petrol as well as electric according to the situation. The car is more friendly to the environment and also consumes less fuel when compared with all other cars in the country. The downside is the pricing of the car which costs a whopping Rs 21.5 lakh which is twice the rate of a normal car.

Because of the high price the car will have less takers but the technology is the correct way to move forward with rising fuel prices and burning inflation. The Honda sedan owes 47 percent fuel efficiency and lesser emission rate. The car has a capacity of 1.3 litre engine supported by an electric motor. The peculiar aspect of this car is that it does not require external charging. The battery is automatically charged during braking or coasting through a technology called regenerative braking. The engine is turned off and the car runs in electric power at lower speeds like in a city traffic and shifts to the petrol engine at higher speeds. During this period the charging takes place automatically. The product is costly at the moment but we must appreciate the fact that this could be the future technology.


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Depression can make you Diabetic

Type-2 diabetes is related closely to obesity and indolent lifestyle. A recent study has proved that depressed people are more likely to develop type-2 diabetes than others apart from the fact that diabetes can lead to depression. Both the conditions are interdependent and should be dealt with carefully.

The study made by American researchers has revealed that 42% of people with symptoms of depression have a greater risk of developing diabetes than the others who do not exhibit these symptoms. Another interesting observation from the study was that as the symptoms increase the risk factor also increases. The fact that depression leads to diabetes is no longer a myth and there are scientific explanations for it. Doctors believe that depressed persons lead a lethargic lifestyle, eat more than others, do not exercise adequately or no exercise at all and more vulnerable to bad habits like smoking and drinking. This can lead to elevated levels of blood sugar because they burn less calories everyday. An alarming information is that depression can promote the level of stress hormones like cortisol which can influence blood sugar levels. There is no point in getting depressed for any reason considering the ill effects of it. Lets lead a happy life that will lead to a healthy life.

Design matters today

People all over the world are getting design conscious with their electronic gadgets these days. Lifestyle is changing and people are not willing to compromise in their looks and style. They need more glamorous as well as highly user friendly equipments are their disposal.

Every electronic manufacturer is looking at a compact and easy to interact design for their products. Things have changed from mouse, keyboard and stylus to touch screen, sensors and voice recognition. Apple's iphones lets you do magic with your fingers. The Microsoft Surface is a sliding genius. Nintendo gives you more freedom even in swinging a baseball bat. The new HTC Touch Diamond is an epitome of 3D experience. Mobile phone companies are constantly engaging themselves in design reviews according to changing demands. A company which makes devices more feasible and friendly to the user will succeed well than the others. Design seems to be the mantra for profit at this point of time. People are emotional with their gadgets and consider them as their companions. The interactions with the system are getting more human like and there is an invisible bond between the user and the device. Companies should keep this in mind as they prepare machines for the future.


Renal failure is a cruel disease in which the kidneys refuse to function properly. This could occur at any age. Patients with renal failure should undergo a kidney transplant surgery for longevity. Patients must perform dialysis inorder to survive until transplantation is done.

The kidneys act as the filter in our body by purifying the blood from metabolic wastes and toxins. The kidney is made up of a huge number of nephrons or uriniferous tubules which are the structural and functional blocks of the kidney. These perform the filtering process and any failure in filtering is fatal. Dialysis is the method by which blood is purified artificially in patients with renal failure. Dialysis is of two types namely hemodialysis ad peritoneal dialysis. In hemodialysis the impure blood is taken out from the body and cleansed in a machine and returned to the body. In peritoneal dialysis a solution is ran inside the body which acts as a semi-permeable membrane to purify the blood. Hemodialysis is economical and safer than peritoneal dialysis. Professionals who go to work in the day time can perform dialysis in the night. Many hospitals in the city are now providing this facility. Advanced technology called nocturnal dialysis in the western nations allows the persons to sleep while dialysis is in action. This technology is not yet feasible in India.

Not many takers for Biology group

The growth in IT industry has made an impact among school children also. There are very few students who have enrolled in the biology group for eleventh standard in the schools across Chennai. The number of students who take up biology has gone down remarkably in a span of just four years. Many believe IT is the future. Students can apply for B.E even if they had studied biology provided they have Maths also in their curriculum. But still they want to kick start their IT campaign right from school life itself. They are not willing to take any chances.

One of the major reasons for the decline of the popularity of biology group is that an engineering student gets placement during the pre-final year of his course with attractive salaries. Whereas in a medical student is not assured of a good job unless he takes up some specialization course by doing post graduate education. Even if a M.B.B.S student starts his own clinic it will take time to gain popularity and recognition from the people. Another reason for the demise of biology is the same old problem of unwilling students who fear drawing diagrams and doing dissections. This could well be a myth but there is no strong reason for them to take up biology. Having said all this biology is a traditional subject and spirited students can do well in any form of life. Lets hope that this only a seasonal slump and it will soon regain momentum.

Moving forward with E-bikes

The rocketing inflation and the increase in fuel prices has made people to think twice regarding their mode of transportation. The vehicle owners are looking at possible ways to bring down their transportation expenditure. The effect of inflation is real and people need to look in terms of long term gains instead of transient solutions. Some of the public believe that the prices could still go up and there is a need for better alternatives.

One of the best alternatives is cycling which is a form of exercise as well but it is not conducive for travelling long distances. A few people are looking at LPG powered vehicles as a good prospect. E-Bikes are the next big thing which are environment friendly as well as economical. The Chinese have already mastered the technology and have welcomed it with both hands. In a country like India with lots of two wheelers shifting to e-bikes will not be a major problem. The TI cycles company has been manufacturing e-bikes in India. But the company's e-bikes will be commercially available only by September. The feasibility of this electric bikes is an issue which has to be settled. They need four hours of charging which will power them to 50 to 70 Km. Setting up charging points like petrol bunks will ease the situation. Many people are already looking forward to this technology.