The controversial green monkey

Everyone knows about the crazy frog but do you know about a crucified green frog? German artist Kippenberger carved a wooden sculpture in 1990 called as 'Zuerst die Fuesse'(Feet First). It depicts a green color frog that is nailed to a wooden cross just like the way Chris was crucified. The frog holds a beer mug in one hand and an egg in the other with its green tongue hanging out. This has sparked anger among the Catholics and Pope Benedict condemned it as blasphemous. The sculpture is on display at London and Venice. Austrian Museum officials claim that it is a self-portrait depicting human angst. People like Franz Pahl have shown severe opposition to the art work. Vatican has protested saying that it hurts the religious sentiments of Christians. Mow the opposition has gathered momentum and warrant immediate disposal of the sculpture. Ar lovers argue that art sees no boundaries and there should be no restrictions on freedom of expression.

Unleash your wacky side

Life has presented us with so many opportunities to laugh and stay happy. Then why not share them with others and double your happiness? Are You Normal or Nuts? First answer this question to yourself and you will get a better answer from your heart. All of us have a funny face which we may not want to display in public. Reader's Digest would love to learn about your crazy experiences in life. But before that read this article Are You Normal or Nuts? Now you know that everyone has a story to say. Ensure that you comment on the quirks after laughing out loud. But it won't be a bad idea if you can post some of your own wits. Some of them might not have worked for you in the past but you will be recognized here. Reader's Digest Laughs will bring out your nuttiness and make you giggle for long. It is important that you forget your shyness and let your hair down. I have tried so many times not to laugh infront of elders but failed often. Whatever the situation I will never let my originality fade away. Now I'm eager to know about your quirks and don't forget to post it.

Hi Honey!

Traditionally honey is considered one of the best gifts of nature to mankind. I have learned in my school days that honey purifies our blood. The Egyptians treated honey as a medicine. The Greeks, Romans, Germans, Chinese and many more civilizations have recommended honey for cough, sinus and even insomnia. Scientists believe that honey has anti-bacterial properties and it is a powerful disinfectant. Honey accelerates the healing process keeping the wound germ-free and can supplement antibiotics perfectly. Bacteria crumble by the touch of honey. Honey is also used for treating diarrhea. Honey can also cure a sore throat and it can be mixed with ginger juice or lemon for healthy vocals. Honey also gives you a relaxing experience helping you to sleep comfortably. So don't forget to take at least a teaspoon full of honey everyday. The next you call your loved ones as honey! you know the importance of the word for you.

Online Chatting and Phone Talk

Today people want to make friends even if they haven't seen them physically. Having a lot of friends is always good and its quite a lot of fun. Here is a new form of social networking that lets you make friends in your locality and also speak with them without revealing your identity. The free chat service is available online as well as on phone lines. The new service from allows you to stay connected with your friends anywhere in the world. The chat lines will be open for both guys and girls anytime and they don't have to submit their contact number for chatting. They will appear anonymous to others and you can send a request to any user like a greeting and start chatting after their acknowledgement. The website also provides adult chat services and feel free to talk whatever you want.

iphones in India

Apple fans in the country have a lot to cheer with the official release of Apple iphones in India. But the pricing is considered as very high when compared with other countries. The 8GB model is being sold for Rs31,000 and the 16GB model for Rs36,100. Definitely it is for the upper middle class and the rich. But they say in other countries the initial price is lower but the subscriber signs a contract with the company and the user pays during the contract period. Here no such system is in place and that is the reason for such high pricing. Airtel and Vodafone are the two companies currently distributing iphones in India. In the future if the subscriber wishes to change the service provider he has to spend Rs.2000 to unlock the phone. Despite the high pricing of the phones the demand is fairly good and the companies are not complaining. The user will not be able to use all the features in the iphone because Indian mobile networks are not compatible with 3G standard phones. You can get your iphone from foreign sources but buying in India from Airtel and Vodafone is considered safe for reasons concerned with warranty and service.

Black Friday shopping

Christmas comes once in a year and we need to plan for the festival well in advance to make sure that everything is perfect. I have my shopping plans ready for Black Friday. I want to make my shopping experience memorable but at the same time I don't want to spend more for an item that might cost less elsewhere. It would be very nice if I can get the best prices and offers at one place and I found one. Black Friday Online is a one stop place to get all the latest sales information for the Black Friday this year. People often go for online shopping on cyber monday. Black Friday Online is the ultimate portal to get the best deals online so that you can save a lot of money. I'm very much impressed by Circuit City ad. All the electronic gadgets are really great and available at lowest prices. The website also contains the best deals from leading markets like BestBuy, EBgames, Radio Shack, Tommy Hilfiger and many more exciting sellers.

Online shopping is always good and you don't have to struggle in long queues early in the morning searching for the best deals everywhere. Black Friday Online also provides you free email alerts so that you will get to know about a Black Friday ad immediately.

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Viral Battery

We all are aware that viruses cannot be killed and that there is no cure available for viral diseases but how about using these viruses to our advantage. Scientists have made use of a virus in the making of a tiny micro battery that can power miniature electronic devices. Experts at MIT have made this possible with the help of a genetically engineered virus called M13. They first made a pattern with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and coated it with alternating layers of positive and negative electrolytes. Then they embedded the virus on to it. The virus was devised to have negatively charged amino acids on their surface which makes them adhere to the template. The viruses also have an attraction for cobalt which is a widely used material in batteries. The entire structure is immersed into a cobalt solution that supplies cobalt ions which fuses with the virus layer forming a large surface area capable of storing electric charges. The structure is then stamped onto a platinum layer and the initial PDMS layer is peeled off. The finished product looks like an array of small dots with the cobalt layer underneath and this forms the core of the battery.

Google's voice based search

India is a country with the highest number of illiterates in the world which means most of the Indian citizens cannot directly access the web. Therefore Google is working on a voice search program in its R&D division in Hyderabad. India is the perfect testing ground with a wide diversity of spoken languages and styles. The system basically relies on getting the input in the form of voice and then converting it into text which will trigger the search engine and the results will be again converted back to voice for output. Voice recognition and response is a very challenging venture and still technology has to advance in this domain. The voice search project employs a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes and adapts itself to the different pronunciation in course of time. The system will perform better as it gets used to the large number of dialects. If this system is successful in India there will be no problems in implementing it for the entire world.

Remove skin wrinkles

After a lot of research science has shown the green flag for certain types of treatments for removing the wrinkles in our skin. Wrinkles on the skin are part of the natural aging process but some people develop premature wrinkles at an early stage. Three anti-aging treatments which are proven successful are

1. Retinol application on the affected areas
2. Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing
3. Injection of hyaluronic acid

All of these methods depend on the same underlying principle of interaction of collagen with the skin cells. Any injury to the skin's connective tissue called dermal collagen is the primary cause of skin wrinkles. Fibroblasts are the connective cells that secrete collagen which is a complex group of polysaccharides and proteins. But as you grow old due to the exposure to sunlight the fibroblasts are inhibited from collagen production. The exposed parts of our body like face, arms and neck are affected more than the hidden parts. Also white skinned people with less melanin are more vulnerable then dark skinned people. Retinol is considered as the best method of treatment for wrinkles. Retinol helps in generating new collagen thereby nourishing the skin tissues. But in general it is always good to shield our skin from harmful UV light in order to stay away from wrinkles.

Banzai - Are you ready

Everyone would have known the famous TV show Banzai and now it is available as a game. A minimum of two players are required to play the game but it always thrilling to play with many more in a party atmosphere. Banzai is one of the most exciting games I have come across because you may never know what your fate is. The game goes like this. You will be shown some of the craziest video stunts from the show and you will be asked to bet on the outcome of the stunt in terms of small plastic sushi pieces. But remember that you have to use only your chopsticks to fill the community bowl. So if you are not familiar with chopsticks you have to practice it because you have to be quick. The person who wins all the sushi is the winner.

The interesting nature of the game is that all the stunts are bizarre and you cannot apply logic to predict their outcome. When I played Tako-gotchi the fun was boundless and it made me go crazy for a while. My whole family enjoyed playing Banzai and we realized the bond between us thanks to Banzai. ScreenLife Games have developed this wacky game and it is available for purchase online. For more details you can check out Tako's Myspace page. You can download wallpapers and other goodies from the Banzai website.

Subramaniapuram Film Review

Watching this movie yesterday one scene that is still lingering in my heart is when the hero Jai dies being betrayed by his own lover. The execution of the scene is fabulous and brings a sorrowful shock in the face of the audience. The movie is about the life of 5 friends who lived in harmony but fate writes a cruel story on them. Two friends Azhagar(Jai) and Paraman(Sasi) are jobless, reckless and fearless setting the streets of Madurai on fire. The film starts with a mysterious murder in 2008 and immediately shifts to 1980 in Madurai. Azhagar and Thulasi(Swathi) fall in love with each other but Thulasi's Uncle and Father utilize the innocence of Azhagar and Paraman for their own political gains. They end up behind the bars in jail for performing a murder but there is no one to save them. A co-prisoner helps them to get bail but later wants them to reciprocate by another murder. This leads to a series of murders and they swear to avenge the heroine's family for their plight. Unfortunately Thulasi falls prey to the sly words of his uncle and betrays her own lover who gets murdered. Paraman avenges for his friend's murder by stabbing Thulasi's uncle and owes to kill her entire family. But sadly he also gets assassinated due to a disloyal act by Kasi(Ganja Karuppu) who is one among the 5 friends. He too gets his punishment in the climax.

The eighties is only used as a crowd puller and only glimpses of real components of the eighties are good otherwise it is very flat. The music is very good though not outstanding but it fuses well with the movie. The hero Jai's speech doesn't seem like the real Madurai slang. The movie fails to rise above a certain level but certainly gives a different flavor and color than the usual banal tamil movies. I would rate this movie 3.4 out of 5 on a high scoring day.

Flirt your way to glory

Flirting is a part of life for people who take everything light-heartedly but it doesn't go well with some people who are very sensitive. So why not try out your flirting skills online in the cyber world with real people. Ultimate Flirting Championship is the place to be to let your hair down and win the Victory Hair. My favorite Hollywood movie has always been TROY and the most memorable dialogue in the movie is " Gods envy us ". Similarly you can use the most memorable lines of Hollywood movies to impress your opposite gender and also the Judge. Who knows that person may be the one for whom you had waited lifelong. Extreme Style by VO5 has created this game for everyone in this universe to enjoy and have fun. I enjoy playing this game and you too join the flirting championship now and earn your victory hair today. No hearts were broken in the making of this game...!

The Complete Multimedia Converter Software

Today multimedia files come in different formats and sometimes it is very confusing to make a decision. Many of us prefer to watch videos and hear music only in our favorite formats. Some times compatibility issues can hinder audio and video formats. Therefore it is always good to keep a converter software with us to listen to our audio and video files in our preferred format. But often we will get converters specific for two different formats only which is not satisfactory. Blaze Media Pro have developed a powerful all-in-one audio and video converter software which can do conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback and much more operations in an instant. You can also edit your videos and play with the audio and images fusing them with the videos. The AVI converter is very much user-friendly and faster than any other software in the market. The software has many more exciting features to explore and you just can't afford to miss it.

Cricket Cup game in Nokia

I bought a Nokia 1650 model six months ago for my mother. She is finding it difficult to handle mobile phone so I bought her this cheap model phones with less features. During my leisure time I used to try out the games available in that phone. It had three games namely Beach Rally, Cricket Cup and the Snake Xenzia. Being a cricket fanatic I developed some interest in the cricket cup game. I also play Cricket 2008 by EA Sports in my computer and now I'm an expert in that. But this little game in the mobile phone is bothering me for quite some time now. I always play any game in the hard level except for the first few days. This cricket cup game is only about batting and I play only Test matches in the hard level only. Surprisingly I have never won a game yet. The system always scores in the range of 50-120 runs in any innings. But I have never managed to score more than 100 runs in an innings. I never get my timing right and most of my shots end up being caught. Whenever a ball is directed towards the stumps there is 90% probability that I get bowled. It is very frustrating to get all out for a paltry score everytime. Only a few times I have come closer to the target. There is some knack in playing any game and I have just not learned it here. But I think I'll learn with time and overcome the challenge soon. I'm not going to let this bug me for long.

Relief for Childhood Eczema

Eczema is a kind of dermatitis that is characterized by rashes, swelling itching, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding on the skin. Eczema can be controlled by taking proper care of our skin and periodic medications. Childhood Eczema needs early attention and diagnosis to protect the tender skin of children. A child's skin is very soft and we should be very careful before selecting a skin care product. Some products can be allergic and many of them are not custom made for infants. If precautions and medications are followed from early childhood the kid will not have problems in the future. I have a very close friend of mine who is suffering from eczema for a long time. His skin is very much sensitive to irritants and other allergens but he has managed to keep it under control by following the prescribed routines.

Exederm is a reputed manufacturer of ultra sensitive skin products offering solutions to patients across the globe for eczema and dermatitis. The exederm site promises relief from eczema by adopting a skin care strategy formulated by them. They have developed three crucial products namely the flare control cream, the moisture cream and the cleansing wash. These products are completely free from harmful chemicals and irritants. Exederm follows high standards and maintains top quality in their products.

A comparative study with all leading skin care products reveals the amount of risk factors present in other brands. Exederm specializes in child skin care and they have avoided ingredients that will cause even slight irritations in their composition. The website also provides valuable advice and tips to take care of your precious skin. They have also made a detailed study on irritants and different types of skins. There is a lot to learn from the website even regarding general skin care.

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Breakthrough in Leukaemia research

The Australian scientists reported that they have made a significant discovery in the study of Leukaemia. Leukaemia is a type of cancer marked by abnormal increase of white blood cells or leukocytes. The leukocytes are part of our immune system and they are derived from the bone marrow. The researchers have worked on the internal structure of leukocytes and developed a 3D model of a protein receptor in leukocytes. Cancer is the outcome of abrupt changes in human cells termed as mutation. Leukaemia is believed to be caused by the malfunctioning of the protein receptor in WBCs. This receptor interacts with a hormone in the blood called as GM-CSF. So when the receptor misbehaves it results in uncontrolled proliferation of cell which is basically called as cancer. The new 3D model gives the complete perspective to scientists to work on the structure and possibly develop drugs or therapies to combat the disease. Today chemotherapy is the tool used against Leukaemia which destroys some useful normal cells along with the cancerous cells. Now that the causal model is in hand scientists can now aim for therapies specific for abnormal cells alone. The breakthrough also owes to improve treatment mechanisms for other diseases like asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Voice Authentication

In India whenever you call a bank or a credit card company from your mobile phone an interactive voice response (IVR) system will shower you with a pool of questions for validation of your identity. It takes a lot of time and it is very frustrating to go through the process everytime. Now the banks are willing to take the step forward by introducing the Voice Authentication system in the near future. The system is under the final stages of testing and is expected to hit the market soon. A US based company Nuance Communications and a Chennai based company LatticeBridge Infotech have come together on this project.

In this new system the user will be asked to speak out his identification number once and also to repeat a sample sentence three times. The system will analyze your voice and conclude whether you are the authentic person before providing access to you. The company claims that the system is analogous to thumb impression matching and iris recognition systems in terms of accuracy. Even if there is some problem with your voice when you have a sore throat the system will revert back to the traditional IVR way of authentication. The system will also take into consideration the normal aging process in humans by adapting itself provided you check in atleast once a year. It also has the capability to recognize and adjust to the regional slang of the people in India. The system is also believed to be inherited by DTH and Digital Cable TV companies for managing pay-per-view requests from subscribers.

Unique review about Slimquick Diet Pill

Today there is an overwhelming demand for fat burning machines and weight loss diet pills. Aerobics alone doesn't reduce the size of your belly and you start cutting down on your meals to maintain your shape. A better idea would be to make use of diet pills to expel all the excess fat out of your body. But a good diet pill will not only keep you slender but also slow down the aging process. You need to be absolutely sure about the brand before you can opt for a particular diet pill. slimquick is a company traditionally working on female weight loss products and they have come up with a diet pill product for modern day women. A third party review about the product will be very helpful to the customers to know about the pros and cons of the tablet. has done that for you and you can check out their clean review on slimquick. They have also reviewed the other products from slimquick and many more chief diet pill brands in the world. You should listen to what they say before buying the slimquick. We should be aware of what we are eating and whether it is conducive for our body.

My ill phone

I bought my Nokia 6600 3years ago and it was a dazzling beauty then. The phone had every feature in it and even today it lacks only the navigational feature that isolates it from other high end phones. After all these years of working relentless for me and also taking in all the physical forces the phone has lost its energy. I couldn't open the gallery and access my images, videos or sound files. Fortunately I can send sms and make calls to others from my phone. All other features have broken down. I'm still skeptical whether it is a hardware problem or a software problem. I don't know whether I will get over this problem by updating the software but I'm not willing to throw it away. Instead I'm thinking about buying a new phone maybe 3G enabled and also get my 6600 overhauled from Nokia. Every mobile phone loses its sheen after a period of about 6months and we start to behave differently with our phone. But I still remember how helpful my phone was and it had always been a good friend to me. Now it looks messy and impotent but still has life in it. Maybe that is how I will look in my old age too. Anyway I'm going to get it repaired and as they say there is always hope for future.

Cars with Crash control

Automobile giant Nissan are working on a system that will push against the manual force to accelerate the car. They have also developed a crash-free prototype that makes use of sensors to detect nearby vehicles and objects. The sensors embedded along the perimeter of the car immediately detect a crash situation and bring the vehicle to a halt by activating the brakes and also turn on an alarm in the process. The loop back technology will prevent the cars from swerving off its lane and always maintain a safe margin of distance with the car moving infront of our car. The technology is expected to bring down the number of accidents to almost half by the year 2015. The "eco-pedal" system senses the speed at which pressure is applied on the pedal by the driver and if it detects a sudden increase in velocity the gas pedal automatically pushes upward to alert the driver exactly what he was doing. Nissan have promised that all their future cars will be fuel efficient by 5-10% than the previous models. The system also watches over the rate of acceleration and the amount of fuel combustion reporting it to the driver via a special meter on the dashboard.

The best Halloween Costume store online

Halloween has emerged as a global festival and there is no limit to the fun and excitement the festival offers. No matter whatever you do or wherever you live this is one day to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Bonfires, ghost tours and costume parties will just vibrate every nerve in your body. Don't forget to carve out a Jack-o'-lantern for yourself. Preparing for Halloween itself is ecstatic and you need to adorn the best Halloween Costumes on that day. The costumes should depict your mood and inspire others as well. I found costumecauldron on the web with a plethora of bubbly costumes.

You need to learn about the Halloween costume history to make the perfect selection to match your spirit. Your halloween costume should be distinct and glamorous to relish every moment of Halloween. Costumecauldron has a wide range of collection for kids as well as adults. I found two costumes very interesting. The Army Of Darkness Sheila Dress was very haunting and I like the design and flavor. It will scare the hell out of anyone and test even the daring guys.

In the kids section the Big Bird Vest costume made me laugh continuously for a long time thinking about it. It is very cute and funny at the same time. The little ones will love such a beautiful costume. The adults who wish to add a little zing to your looks can go for sexy halloween costumes. Everyone wants to be noticed and a hot fuming costume could just do the trick for you.

Costumecauldron provides has an extensive gallery for costume accessories like wigs, gloves, glasses, wings, jewelry etc. The costume has to be accompanied by the apt accessories and a matching add-on component for a flawless evening. It is always safe to order costumes from the best store and get it delivered on time. Costumecauldron is the best place for halloween costumes and enjoy the festival happily.

How to Password protect your Word files

I'm writing this post for those who doesn't know about this facility in MS-WORD. Word files often contain confidential information and they should be kept secure. Some of us will store personal information in a Word file and we may not want others to intrude in our privacy. But despite this option provided by Word I have seen files with no password protection in my school, college and many offices.

To password protect your word file first select

File -> Save as ->

Then in the pop-up window select the Tools menu. From the dropdown list select security options.

Tools -> Security Options

Now you will find the different options to password protect your word files. You will be asked to enter two types of passwords. One for opening your document and another password to give access to the user to make changes to the document. You can also chose your Word files to be read-only by checking the small box available. There are advanced options available to select the encryption method or algorithm you need and also the preferable encryption key size necessary for you. This password protection utility is available for spreadsheets as well as powerpoint presentations. One drawback I found while using this function is that it is possible to delete the Word file even if it is password protected. So some mischievous guys may delete it if they are frustrated unable to open it. So you may think about back-up for your most important files elsewhere.


While Information Technology is growing on one side Nanotechnology has also joined the party developing numerous marketable products. Nanotechnology involves operating on matter in the atomic and molecular scale to develop better products. Nano-foods are the latest addition to the world of nano-products which have triggered many speculations. People working on nanotechnology say that they can improve the flavour and nutritional value of food. These modified products have created doubts in the minds of consumers. Parents are not willing to feed their children with genetically engineered or cloned food items. In America nearly 69% of people have expressed their concern regarding cloned meat. It is still not clear in the nano world about how these nano-products will behave under different conditions. In US consumer advocates are demanding the companies to put a nano tag on the edible nano-foods in the market. Nanotechnology is still in its early days and the risk factors are not lucid yet.

Nano-products that have reached the market include lightweight tennis rackets and bicycles, nanoceuticals, nanotea and many more modified versions of products. People should be made aware of what they are consuming and at the same time the technology must be allowed to advance.

Taste of Martian water

As we all know water is supposed to be the elixir of life on earth and the NASA scientists have confirmed the presence of real water in Mars. The lead Scientist for the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer instrument on Phoenix averred that we have water on Mars. For the first time ever the water has been touched and tasted. The Mars Odyssey orbiter had earlier detected water ice during its observations but it failed to find any real water. NASA is planning to extend the mission by spending an additional $2 million. The Phoenix landed in May on Mars over an ice sheet and a robotic arm was used to dig in to it. The arm presented a soil sample from which water was identified initially. They are planning to dig at two more places forming trenches hailed as "cupboard" and "neverland". Now that water has been discovered the next step would be the search for life on Mars. The search will continue to find an inhabited region on Mars if at all one exists. The Martian soil was more alkaline integrating several minerals and other elements. The water also tasted good.

Green is gone

Fifteen years before I came to T.Nagar after shifting from my house in Triplicane. Life has changed a lot along with the topography. My street had several trees and small plants all along the way. I used to play in a little ground opposite to my flat when I was a kid. There were many vacant lands with trees and green vegetation. Just gazing out from my balcony was a pleasant experience and lots of coconut trees were alluring to the sight. I also had a few plants grown on pots in my veranda. Today not a tinge of green is visible. Every little piece of land has buildings constructed over it. The playground was turned in to an apartment. The coconut trees have vanished without a trace and all the roadside plants have become extinct. We don't breathe healthy air anymore and there is no chance of the air getting pure again. All little kids in my street stay indoors all day with no place for them to play and enjoy. There are buildings everywhere with the ground barely visible. City life is nothing more than disgraceful.