AMD unveils 45nm Opteron

Processor giant AMD has launched its newest processor the 45nm quad-core Opteron in its mission to increase its market share globally. By launching well before its planned release by Q1 2009 AMD has turned the heat on in the race for power-efficient high performance processors. Opteron will be able to deliver 35% more performance than the previous products from AMD. But the crucial aspect is the 35% reduction in power consumption made possible by the 'Smart Fetch' technology. The system switches to the halt mode during idle times which is the basic concept of AMD's CoolCore technology. India has played an integral part in the design of the processor. Opteron consumes 75W power and processors that consume only 55W power are in the menu card of AMD for early 2009. IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems and Dell have given a thumbs up to the new processor and will be shipping Opteron embedded machines during this quarter. AMD believes that these chips are easier to replace than the ones from Intel which the later denies.

Web Hosting Expert Reviews and Rating

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I love Dada and Jumbo

Indian Cricket saw two of its brightest stars bid farewell yesterday. Saurav Ganguly and Anil Kumble are two great individuals who brought laurels to the country. Ganguly is the most successful Indian captain ever and he was the one who taught us how to win test matches consistently. The memories of his valiant innings under fading light against Pakistan are still inside my eyes. Everytime he was dropped from the team he always had the perseverance to fight back and prove his critics wrong. He was the one who supported players like Yuvraj, Zaheer, Sehwag and Harbhajan during difficult times and now they are superstars in Indian cricket. He was not a great fielder but always made his bat talk in any situation.

Anil Kumble is the best spinner India has produced so far. In the 90s people used to switch off their television sets once Sachin got out and turned on the TV only when Kumble came to bowl. He has single handedly won several matches for India and always gave his 100% on the field. Who can forget his legendary 10 wicket haul at the Kotla and his brave entries in to the field even with injuries on many occasions? Life is not easy and these two men have overcome the hardships and have left an eternal impression in the hearts of Indian cricket fans. They are leaving on a high with a series win against the world champions and will be remembered as two men who fought fate forever.

Cars can fly

Every time I get clogged in heavy traffic I always wished I could have a flying car to fly above all the vehicles and reach my destination on time. I even saw this type of a concept in a movie called The Fifth Element where the entire city had airborne vehicles. All these which were a dream yesterday will be a reality in a couple of years. Moller International is developing a car that can fly in the air and can be maneuvered like a helicopter. The vehicle is named as Autovolantor and it is based on the Ferrari 599 GTB model. Eight powerful thrusters help to lift the car from the ground and then vents will tilt the car for forward flight. The car is expected to hit the 150mph mark in the air and reach 100mph on the roads. It can fly up to a distance of 75 miles in the air. A hybrid fuel and electric system will generate the necessary 800 horse power to power the thrusters. Autovolantor can touch an altitude of 5000 feet in air. The car might be priced somewhere around ₤500,000 and so the middle class has to keep dreaming about a flying car.

Technology aiding safe bike ride

Honda has always been the pioneer in ensuring safety for motorcycle drivers. In 2006 they incorporated air bags in motorcycles to protect the rider from fatal injuries during a mishap. Now they have come up with a new GPS based technology that will minimize the number of road accidents. According to a research more than 80% of accidents were mainly due to human mistakes. The driver fails to see an oncoming vehicle and loses control of his vehicle. The new system depends on GPS data and inter-vehicle wireless communication. The system will gather data from satellite about the vehicles in its proximity. It will alert the rider and the drivers of other vehicles about any possible chance of collision. The system will permit collision avoidance maneuvers thereby preventing any vehicles to come into physical contact with each other. The system is also compatible with many major manufacturers. Often in a road accident the mistake might have been committed by one driver and the other driver will be innocent. Road safety is the prerogative of every traveler and technologies like these will help in attaining that level in the future. Let us wish that this technology is successful and will be implemented in our motorcycles very soon.