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Football is a passion and being the NO.1 in the game is all about gaining the edge. The winners always stay ahead of the game and plan much better than the others. WaiverWire Beta is one place that provides all the breaking fantasy football news first before others and contains premier statistics about every player and team. The Stat Analysis Software will help you plan your strategies better and expose the weaknesses of your opponent in the field. The high-tech social networking platform keeps you updated on the latest happenings in the world of football.

WaiverWire Beta is a perfect hub for young football players and fans to fine tune their knowledge and skills and share their views. Experts can make use of this cutting edge technology to play with the edge. The Guru Zone will provide advice on your game and help you perform better. The customizable news delivery model combined with power stat analysis tools and useful advisory services make the best football portal in the web according to me. Just check out this cool football website and feel the advantage. I would like to see a football celebrity chat section at WaiverWire soon. There is no doubt that is an absolute boon for football lovers and professionals.

Respiratory Disorders post Diwali

The festival of lights Diwali has left behind a lot of residue in air, land and water. Yesterday I returned home after work and felt very uneasy with slight fever and nausea. I was unsure about the cause of the symptoms. I called my friend today and he also had diarrhoea and fever since yesterday. I learnt from the papers that the city was hammered by air pollution due to the discharge of suspended particles from the bursting of crackers. Now I understood the reason for my queasiness. Some of the common diseases that have affected the city due to pollution are cough, allergies, bronchitis, skin and eye irritations. The noise pollution was also well above the prescribed limit on Diwali day. Some people even kept on bursting crackers even after the stipulated time limit. Crackers are a major source of suspended particulate matter that emit harmful oxides polluting the air. They also tend to settle down on water bodies and farm lands which will affect us indirectly. Doctors advice intake of anti-allergic pills during Diwali time.

Unique New Hope Cancer Treatment

Life in this world is a God given gift and good health is the precious possession of every human being. Unfortunately cancer is one of the biggest modern day diseases that remains a frustrating challenge to the medical world. Several allopathic medicines and therapies are being used to fight cancer. Many other alternative types of professionals claim that their medicines perform better. But no one thought about combining the best features in every medical field to treat cancer. New Hope Medical Center is an alternative cancer center that adopts an entirely different approach to treat cancer. Their alternative cancer treatment is based on three basic principles namely detoxification, nutrition and immunity. Every cancer patient requires love and affection which is the hallmark of New Hope Medical. Effective non-invasive therapies are used for alternative breast cancer treatment. The New Hope treatment strategy involves Craniosacral Therapy, acupuncture, Massage, Lymph drainage, Relaxation Techniques and Stress Management to promote healing. The cancer treatment mechanism is specific and unique for every patient and the primary objective is to obliterate the cancer and also make sure that there are no recurrences of cancer in the future. The facilities are top class and hospitality is the best. The testimonials from cancer survivors reflect the success of New Hope Cancer treatment.

Quick-start Computers

Everyday I get up early in the morning and switch on my computer first. Then I go and brush my teeth before sitting in front of the desktop. I use Windows XP and it takes a couple of minutes for my system to boot which is very annoying at times. Sometimes even my cell phone doesn't start swiftly. Computer manufacturing giants have decided to address this issue and develop faster starting systems. HP, Dell and Lenovo are rolling out new machines that will enable you to work with email and web browser in less than thirty seconds. Asus is working on a faster booting software for its products. Microsoft has also promised to improve the booting time in its future operating systems. It is reported that only 35% of computers running on Vista boot in less than 30 seconds. The internet is forcing the industry towards faster electronic circuits and high speed algorithms for software. Every seconds is precious and people are getting intolerant with lengthy boot time systems. Companies wish to gain advantage by having quick-start systems to perform better in a competitive environment.

Upload and share photos instantly at

Pict is the exciting new picture hosting website that will allow you to upload unlimited images to the pict server and share it with your friends, website visitors, forum, blogs etc. Pict is a user friendly website exclusive for photo sharing. The whole process is very fast and you don't have to go through a frustrating registration procedure to upload pictures. The uploaded pictures can be custom scaled to your desired size such as 150, 320 and 640 without using a picture editor on your desktop. A great feature is that no one can see your images without your permission and provides privacy for personal images. Pict also generates direct links for you to post them in your blogs, boards and also mail to your friends. You can also upload images from other websites and distribute it to others. If you want to resize any image from the web and put it in your site then make use of pict for easy editing. Everything looks very simple and easy to use without need of any expert knowledge. Nearly twenty pictures can fit in to the screen space and this is an added advantage of pict. Pict is a new hosting site and more new features can be expected in the near future.

The market - by an innocent

We all know that the global economy is weak and people are losing jobs everyday. I'm neither a financial expert nor a MBA student. I'm an engineering graduate waiting for my call letter from a reputed IT firm and I know very little about the markets. Watching the news and financial channels on tv I can conclude one thing for sure. That is no one knows about the cause of this fall or the future. If they ask any analyst you get the same answer and that is "anything can happen". The so called experts still don't know where the bottom is. People say the greed of the wall street is the reason for the collapse. In 2007 the companies just came in heaps to our campus and selected almost 90% of the students but now my juniors get only a few visiting companies. Don't the companies know at that point of time that there will be a global turmoil in the future? People managing the companies should have predicted these things because they received their education from top B-schools and are regarded as the best in the world. Are the managers and CEOs monotonous? Don't they plan for failures? Aren't any mitigation measures available? Is life all about happiness and you don't want to face the darker side? Still everyone looks at the heaven and hopes for things to settle down by themselves. God save us...!

Safe online shopping software

Online shopping is gaining popularity owing to rising fuel costs and fluctuating market prices. A dwindling global economy has forced us to spend carefully and risk-free. I often buy electronic goods online because I can browse and analyze all the products and merchants before making the purchase. But e-shopping has its own risks like identity theft, fraudulent shopping websites, phishing and unsafe transactions. In this deceptive world it is hard to trust anyone and I always had a suspicion that someone might tap into my transactions. But every problem has a solution and thank God I came across buySAFE. The buySAFE Shopping Advisor is a free tool that will help you shop online safely. The buySAFE Shopping Advisor will provide direct access to over 250,000 online stores which are handpicked and identified as trustworthy merchants. By downloading the application you will ensure that any online transaction is guaranteed up to $25,000 with a buySAFE Bond Guarantee - free with the Shopping Advisor. The Shopping Advisor application also provides ratings based on the safety standards adopted by more than 320,000 eCommerce websites indexed in major search engines and shopping websites. What more can you ask for? Now we don't need to mull over doubtful sites and wonder whether they are safe. Just relax and let Shopping Advisor do the job for you.

Obliterate memories from the brain

US researchers have succeeded in selectively erasing memories from mice. This is an important breakthrough and has raised hopes of its implementation in humans. But the research is still in its early days and when mature the technique can be used to cure post-traumatic syndrome. We have seen this before only in Hollywood movies and science fictions. The technique involves manipulating the memory molecule which is a protein CaMKII responsible for memory storage and communication. It is a genetic strategy and performed chemically to retrieve transient and long term memories. By expelling bad memories from our mind we can forget the past and concentrate on the future ahead.

Windia Lostralia

The Indian cricket team mauled the Aussies in the second test match at Mohali. The victory is the perfect revenge for Indian cricket fans after the debacle at Sydney and also a fabulous gift for Diwali. The Aussies never looked like winning and played one of the worst cricket in their life time. The pitch was a feast for the batsmen but the Oz batsmen never applied themselves at the crease and were beaten consistently by Indian bowlers. I have never seen the Australian team play such defensive cricket. Adding to their agony is the differences between pace spearhead Lee and the skipper Ponting. The first half of the series clearly belongs to India and Dhoni has proved his mettle as a test captain. But he has to improve his test batting on green wickets abroad. Sachin became the highest run scorer in both forms of the game and the legend will shine even brighter in the Hall of fame of cricket. The Aussies have to pull up their socks to come back in this series but that seems improbable given the present plight of the team. India should utilize this opportunity and pile on the misery by winning the series.

New CEO for Nouveau University

Nouveau University is brimming with energy as Laura Palmer Noone joins as the CEO of the university. Dr. Palmer Noone is the former President of University of Phoenix and her presence in Nouveau will inject more confidence to students and inspire them to success. The organization is an excellent breeding ground for young and promising business minds in the world. Nouveau University offers two degree programs namely Associate of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in accounting, finance, marketing, real estate investing, and small business management. These programs will be the perfect launchpad for students to thrive in challenging environments and perform with confidence in the future. More importance is given to the practical model of a problem to provide that cutting edge to the students of NU. The approach is unique and developed after intense planning by expert faculty members. Online education at Nouveau University will help you scale greater heights in your business or profession by providing a strong foundation. Online education is very convenient for entrepreneurs and small business professionals to learn from their own home and also take care of their errands. NU provides 24-hour classroom access with supportive staff. With the arrival of Dr. Palmer Noone one can say that the good times are ahead for the university and its students.

Plastic Surgery to get your figure back

Pregnancy is the most precious phase in a girl's life. The mother has to protect her child and endure pain before the baby sees the world. The mother forgets all her agony once she sees the newborn. Unfortunately the whole process leaves the mother exhausted and also fat. The mother realizes within a couple of months that she has lost her old looks and put on weight. Working women find it a bit weird when others look at them in disbelief. Your own mirror betrays you and depicts you as a bulky fat creature. If that ever happens in your life just stay cool and be prepared to get a mommy makeover. By performing certain procedures you will regain that same old beauty again. Los Angeles tummy tuck is your gateway to magnificence. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty will reshape your body and remove stretch marks due to pregnancy by surgically removing excess skin and fat deposits. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery has developed numerous pioneering approaches to tummy tuck surgery. Prominent plastic surgeon Lloyd Krieger is at the helm of affairs and performs tummy tuck surgeries safely at the deluxe plastic surgery center. Safety is the ultimate priority and Rodeo has left no stone unturned as far as safety is concerned. A unique patient care program will ensure that your stay at the center is pleasant and happy. After the surgery you will be healthy and lively as before. The specialty of Rodeo Drive is that they treat everybody like a celebrity and hospitality is at its best. High class facilities and top quality treatment is the prerogative. It is always better to surgically treat your fat body rather than allowing it to have a psychological effect on you and your family. Therefore approach Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery today and remove the excess fat from your body as well as flush the demons from your mind.

Pen Top Chronicle

The old saying "Pen is mightier than the sword" has depreciated in recent times with the advent of the keyboard. But a revival is in progress thanks to pen tops. A pen top is an I/O device that performs on paper as well as on a computer interface. It has in-built memory and processing capability making it a powerful portable gadget. Lightscribe's Pulse Pen(USD 200) can record audio, convert handwritten text on a special paper to digital soft copy and perform document search by integrating it with a PC. LeapFrog's Fly Fusion Pen(USD 70) can play sound apart from recording and text conversion operations. It will also remind your appointments and could be used as an identifier and as a calculator. Another type of pen available in the markets called the Wi-Fi Pen(USD 20) can indicate the presence of a Wi-Fi network within 50 feet by the push of a button. Brando's USB pen has a full-fledged MP3 player and an FM radio to rejoice anywhere but battery life will be a major constraint for playback. Someother special types of pen used by cops can scan handwritten notes and preserve authentic handwriting formats for filling forms and reports. If your profession involves hectic sessions of manual writing or typewriting don't hesitate to try out these multi-purpose pens.

MoserBaer powered by Solar PV

MoserBaer, the company famous for its CDs and DVDs is all set to explore the solar domain. The world is surging in search of renewable sources of energy that are harmless to the environment. MoserBaer intends to execute a thin film technology that will yield 565 MW in 3 years time. A total of $600 million will be invested in crystalline silicon technology. The market for thin-film is estimated to double in each of the next 3 years. The thin-film technology is cheaper than crystalline silicon technology but has lower conversion efficiency. To reduce costs the wafer is made thinner but the perimeter is increased so that more solar cells can be extracted from it. The automated process is a shrewd strategy the firm adopts to bring the manufacturing cost down. The company's CEO Yogesh Mathur believes MoserBaer's experience in thin film coating, optical and material science will be handy when it comes to solar PV panels. Apart from exports to western Europe and US local demand will also grow in the future. Fuel prices have increased considerably and solar power is gathering momentum in terms of reduction of prices and ease of installation. When the ends meet in the future solar power for domestic usage may become affordable for developing countries like ours.