Waiting for a turnaround

Life in recession is tricky and confusing. Nobody knows how it started and when it will end. It is hard to plan for the future in this gloomy situation and no one has a clue. Almost every industrial sector looks battered in this global economic downturn and it has spread across continents. The blame game never seems to cease and it is very unlikely to spot a silver lining. I always used to wonder where has all the money gone. People have mixed opinions about a recovery. For a guy like me who knows nothing about the markets or the economy there are no simple answers for all my stupid questions I guess. For the moment I'll keep my fingers crossed and wait for a revival.

Web Hosting Chronicles

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Naan Kadavul review

Naan Kadavul is a film that exposes some of the hardest truths of life. Arya and Pooja have come up with performances of their lifetime. The film is pragmatic yet sluggish and tends to gather momentum as time goes on. The suspense is intriguing and the audiences have to wait till the end to taste the extreme bitterness exploded by Bala at the climax. The climax sent shivers down my spine but it best fits the movie and made me stand up and applaud in silence after being petrified for a few minutes. Bala has tried to strike a balance between atheism and belief which has worked perfectly. The film is suitable for both believers and non-believers which is fascinating but it all depends on how you take it. Anyway overall the movie was good but certain things were forced on us by the director and we have to bear with them. The climax stands out and I loved it.


All those engineers who thought chemistry is a school boy thing think again, Nanotechnology could well be the next big thing. Modern day gadgets like iPods to even nano cars are the early outcomes of nanotechnology. But the field promises more and has applications in medicine, security, environment and many more domains.

Nanotechnology aims at miniaturization and involves redesign and manipulation of atoms which are the basic building blocks of all matter. It is a well known fact that diamond and graphite are allotropes of carbon and rearranging the atomic structure of one of them can result in the other one. Therefore by rearranging the atoms of a bulk material we can develop a nano material. Nanotechnology helps in developing tiny robots called nanobots which help in perfoming surgeries for replacing worn out tissues. Nano-coatings are known to be transparent, scratch proof and dirt repellant. Even Cancer tissues can be pictured by imaging in oncology using nanoparticles. In a few years time nanotechnology will have its roots spread in all industries.

In India the field is just sixteen years old and a few universities are offering the course in post graduate. Several companies are planning investments in this area considering future developments. I think its time to gear up for the nano revolution and good to learn about it.