Homes in US cheaper

The current market phobia and an economy in the see-saw has forced the US real estate prices to crash. If Tata's Nano will be a good deal then buying a house in the US is a better option at this point of time. Taking a tour on the US realty websites like realtor, zillow and ziprealty shows that buying a single bedroom house could cost between $1500 - $3000 in places like Detroit, Michigan, Jackson, Mississippi and Cleveland. The lower prices will mean that foreign students and professionals in the US can own a house easily rather than renting or sharing a house with a group. Families in the US are deserting homes unable to repay loans and mortgage payments. But in some parts of US like in California the prices are still high and buying may not be feasible. Lack of liquidity in the market has to be addressed immediately to avert any further fall in realty. Experts still believe things will be back to normal in a couple of years because of a stable foundation and so investing in US realty may not be as risky as it seems. The impact of the US economy will be felt in Europe and Asia. Even here in India realty stocks too a beating yesterday. Therefore if buying a house is your dream make hay while the sun shines. Others might adopt the wait and watch strategy but make sure that you are not too late.

Careers in Fashion Design

Right from the day civilization started man has evolved in to a fashionable creature. The penchant for fashion is eternal and no one in this world wants to look dull. The fashion industry has grown over the past few decades and there is a myriad of job opportunities available in this industry. All that you need to join this industry is proper fashion education and training to hone your skills. A fashion school will be the perfect launchpad to enter into the world of fashion design. There are numerous fashion degree programs available which will place you in various positions in the fashion industry. All the information regarding fashion design, fashion schools, fashion merchandising and other fashion careers are available in The demand for fashion professionals will be sustained as long as life exists on this earth. So if you believe that you have it in you join a fashion school today and prosper in life.

The Best Review for Anoretix Diet Pill

Exercising is considered as one of the best methods to shed weight. But it is a laborious process and you need to have a lot of patience and perseverance to succeed in losing weight. You need to allocate time and spend money for the equipments. There is also a possibility that you might get injured. But there is an easy way to get thinner without any physical effort. Diet pills are the best solution to fat reduction these days. The diet pill anoretix is increasing in popularity and performing better in the markets. But before you walk to the market and buy this product read the article about anoretix at and educate yourself. Fat burners are available in plenty in the markets but you have to scrutinize each product before using them. Pay attention to the ingredients used in anoretix from the review and make sure that it suits your body. The website will also help you to buy the product for the lowest price possible.

Lehman effect on India

Everyone is curious to learn about the effects of the Wall Street turmoil on India. It is now known that bankrupt financial giant Lehman Brothers owes $5.5 million to Indian IT companies. Wipro seems to be the worst hit with nearly $2.3 million pending from Lehman followed by TCS ($1.39m), eClerx($0.56m), Polaris($0.51m), L&T Infotech($0.3m), Satyam ($0.25m), HCL($0.16m) and CTS($0.033m). Wipro and TCS have remained mute on this issue so far. eClerx confessed on Monday that nearly 13% of its revenue for FY09 are from Lehman. Barclays which will manage Lehman’s North American operations is the hope for Indian companies to get their money back. But the process might take more time than desired. Nomura will buy the Asian operations of Lehman Brothers. America and the world is learning lessons from the present market catastrophe. Everyone is switching to the safe mode. Goldman and Morgan Stanley have changed colors and are going to become commercial banks. Everyone has a silent prayer that the markets will settle down.

Ilayaraja reaches 875

Call him a maestro or a legend Ilayaraja has carved more than a niche for himself in the history of music. The Isai Gnani who started his musical journey with his first film Annakilli is now ready to work on his 875th film titled Vilayadu Raja Vilayadu. His song Poove sem poove is my all time favorite song. The track Rakamma kaiya thattu was amongst the songs listed in a BBC world top ten music poll. He has millions of fans all over the globe. Every song of his is unique and lends a great learning experience to music students. One of my friends who learned music professionally always tells me that Ilayaraja’s songs are very difficult to perform in competitions and functions. All his melodies will be etched in the memory of people for eternity. Today people talk about fusion of music styles and culture eventually losing authenticity and flavor. Either they compose banal songs or go mad in the name of remix. Everyone sees the commercial side of deceiving people to earn money rather than the musical side. They just run out of ideas. Even today a person like Ilayaraja holds on to his place in the hearts of true music lovers. Today’s younger generation will one day realize the authentic spirit of south Indian music and revert back to olden days. Music beckons those who preserve the culture for posterity. Long live the legend...

Satyam computers cleanup time

IT major satyam computers is pondering on getting rid of non-performers. Despite the good showing in the year's first quarter the company is getting ready for a performance based system for their employees. Currently 51,000 employees are working in the company out of which 1,500 are placed under the Performance Improvement Plan(PIP) and another 3,000 employees are in the vulnerable zone with no increment offered to them in the last appraisal cycle. A warning mail has been sent to all the employees to remind them that they are under the scanner.Employees placed under the PIP program have to justify their contribution to the company by working on dummy projects. Some of the employees have already left the company expecting the inevitable.

On the positive side Satyam continues to recruit young fresh minds just passing out of college. The present volatile market situation and economic slowdown in the US has created delay in major projects for Indian software companies. Almost all IT companies here get 50% of their revenue from the financial sector of US. But the companies will always maintain their bench strength in case a major project arrives. They are also constantly on the search for new markets in Europe, middle-east and America.

Gesture controlled Television

Our endless fight for the remote control of our television sets at home with our family members may end soon. You don't have to search for the remote control after forgetting where you kept it. The British scientists have discovered a gesture sensing technology that promises to operate the television without the need for a remote control. Remember Tom cruise in the movie Minority Report? Advances in digital image processing technology has propped up this new Gesture Interface Technology. A small camera integrated with the television picks up the gestures in its field of vision and interprets it for the correct function. Some of the signals to be used are waving up and down to adjust the sound and raising the hand to pause. The viewer can also navigate a cursor on the screen and click on the options by raising their thumbs. The technology can also be extended to PCs and other gadget interfaces. The system is flexible which allows programming of any number of gestures and also incorporates automatic detection mechanisms. The system can be the perfect alternative for the volatile touch screen technology. Now stop wondering and start gesturing.

SMS snooping

Does prying on your friend's mobile phone excite you? Well, you are not the only one doing it. The fact is that one in three users are curious to read the text messages of their loved ones. But this can sometimes spoil the relationship. Another intresting truth is that 73% of smeaky sms checkers have found out things they later wished they hadn't and 10% snapped their relationship because of text snooping. 60% of the spies check their partner's mobile phone while they are out taking bath and nearly 41% try it when they are nearby. So the next time you try to spy on your partner's mobile phone be prepared to get petrified.