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Indian Railways dial-a-ticket Service Soon

Railways are all set to launch a service called "dial-a-ticket" which enables you to book your tickets through phone and get it received right at your doorsteps. The service is currently under trial and the railway department should be absolutely convinced that the system is fool-proof before it is launched.

This system will supplement the online booking facility currently available with the railways in an effort to reduce the long queue at the ticket counters. The railways department has applied to the telecom department to assign them a unique 3 or 4 digit number for this service. Currently 139 is the enquiry number for the railways and it has the largest call centre in the country. This service will greatly help people in rural areas who find it hard to reserve tickets online. In the initial stages of this service tickets can be bought only with the help of cash cards but sooner credit card method of payment will be introduced.