Don't use Mobile Phones while driving

In recent years the number of accidents because of people talking on the phone while driving is high. The cause for this is now biologically proved. It is due to the interference between the two actions and the brain fails to multitask simultaneously.

A group of researchers have found that the act of speaking and thinking what to speak overloads the brain and puts excess demand on the resources of the brain. This is something similar to the CPU usage in our computers. They came to this conclusion based on two experiments. Some 50 people were tested and asked to detect various shapes on a screen while listening and responding on the phone. In the other experiment they were asked to track a fast moving object with the help of the mouse. The measurements revealed that the subjects were more diverted while preparing to reply or speaking than while listening. They seemed slightly at ease while listening. The experiments were conducted in a circular surround sound environment and the speakers were hidden from the subjects. There will be a significant drop in their concentration levels of a person while talking on the mobile phone during driving which could be fatal. Prevention is always better than cure....


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