Bling Bling Techellery

Everyone loves to wear jewellery to augment their beauty and portray their fashion statement. Golden jewellery is the most common and affordable to the middle class. The rich might opt for diamonds, platinum, pearls... etc apart from gold. But the price of gold has increased enormously making it difficult for the middle class to buy. I guess it will be a good idea to wear techellery. Techellery is the fusion of technology and jewellery. It is the new fashion trend gaining popularity. If you wish to propose to a girl how about the idea of presenting her a USB heart pendant. Philips and Swarovski have come up with a plethora of wacky tech accesories for youngsters. Head phones are not only meant for hearing audio but they will also serve as colorful hair bands with studs for a glittering scalp. The most famous of them is the digital pendant which is available in the key chain and chain form. Jewellery will no longer be only a passive aesthetic structure but also serve multiple purposes in the form of techellery. Now it is time for you to grab your own piece of ornamental gizmo and make a style statement with these ubiquitous gadgets.


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