Naan Kadavul review

Naan Kadavul is a film that exposes some of the hardest truths of life. Arya and Pooja have come up with performances of their lifetime. The film is pragmatic yet sluggish and tends to gather momentum as time goes on. The suspense is intriguing and the audiences have to wait till the end to taste the extreme bitterness exploded by Bala at the climax. The climax sent shivers down my spine but it best fits the movie and made me stand up and applaud in silence after being petrified for a few minutes. Bala has tried to strike a balance between atheism and belief which has worked perfectly. The film is suitable for both believers and non-believers which is fascinating but it all depends on how you take it. Anyway overall the movie was good but certain things were forced on us by the director and we have to bear with them. The climax stands out and I loved it.


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