Samsung Corby S3653 - Mobile Phone Review

Samsung Corby S3653 Review FeaturesI had a chance to handle this phone after my friend bought it last week. As far as the design is concerned, holding the phone in my palms was a bit awkward considering the width (56.5 mm) of the phone but it is an advantage when it comes to a bigger screen experience. The phone with a plastic body is light weight but still sturdy and looks plain and simple. From the design perspective there is a dedicated keypad lock/unlock button on the right side. Virtual keypad means minimum buttons on the front panel and maximum screen size. The capacitive touchscreen performs well and the interface is intelligently designed for easy navigation of menu items. The menu icons can be docked on the left side for quick access or pulled out from the menu which spans 3 pages that can be easily flicked through. The 2MP camera shoots well in good lighting conditions and the single finger image zoom option is handy while viewing pictures. The phone has a gamut of applications and widgets to integrate with the internet and the social networking world. The sound quality is good and watching videos in a wide screen is comforting as well.


Infophone-kdr said...

Very nice cell phone and product for samsung,I like this...:D

Always succes for you my friend,keep in touch...:D

Rajeswari Mehendi Designer said...

doesn anyone getting same messages multiple times..its only 3 days since i got my new Samsung corby and i get this problem. Please anyone help.

Anonymous said...

Do you khonw That Corby can read PDF files well?
please conect me by Email if you know that.
i need to khow that urgent


R4 card said...

I bought a samsung corby its great …… But there is no pc suite cd with the phone and i am not able to connect my phone over pc and transfer my contacts from my pc because its askin for mobile USB modem 1.0 software and i am unable to find one through net.

Manikumar said...

Everything good but there is not Landscape view for eBook reading, pls let me know if there is such option like that ?

jenna silver said...

my friend still has this phone and he really likes it and it seems to still be in good shape so thats good

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