Gesture controlled Television

Our endless fight for the remote control of our television sets at home with our family members may end soon. You don't have to search for the remote control after forgetting where you kept it. The British scientists have discovered a gesture sensing technology that promises to operate the television without the need for a remote control. Remember Tom cruise in the movie Minority Report? Advances in digital image processing technology has propped up this new Gesture Interface Technology. A small camera integrated with the television picks up the gestures in its field of vision and interprets it for the correct function. Some of the signals to be used are waving up and down to adjust the sound and raising the hand to pause. The viewer can also navigate a cursor on the screen and click on the options by raising their thumbs. The technology can also be extended to PCs and other gadget interfaces. The system is flexible which allows programming of any number of gestures and also incorporates automatic detection mechanisms. The system can be the perfect alternative for the volatile touch screen technology. Now stop wondering and start gesturing.


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