Satyam computers cleanup time

IT major satyam computers is pondering on getting rid of non-performers. Despite the good showing in the year's first quarter the company is getting ready for a performance based system for their employees. Currently 51,000 employees are working in the company out of which 1,500 are placed under the Performance Improvement Plan(PIP) and another 3,000 employees are in the vulnerable zone with no increment offered to them in the last appraisal cycle. A warning mail has been sent to all the employees to remind them that they are under the scanner.Employees placed under the PIP program have to justify their contribution to the company by working on dummy projects. Some of the employees have already left the company expecting the inevitable.

On the positive side Satyam continues to recruit young fresh minds just passing out of college. The present volatile market situation and economic slowdown in the US has created delay in major projects for Indian software companies. Almost all IT companies here get 50% of their revenue from the financial sector of US. But the companies will always maintain their bench strength in case a major project arrives. They are also constantly on the search for new markets in Europe, middle-east and America.


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