Nokia 5130 Express Music - Mobile Review

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Colors

Last week I wanted to buy a mobile phone for my father and I was hunting for an economical music phone with camera and GPRS. Since I was buying it for my dad, I preferred Nokia because of the user friendly interface their phones have. When I inquired my friends, almost everyone suggested the Nokia 5130 Xpress music phone. I was convinced with the looks of the phone and bought it.


The Price of the phone is the crowd puller. With a 2.0 Megapixel Camera, 1GB microSD card storage, Bluetooth, GPRS and a sleek design, Nokia 5130 is a smart buy option.

I would give 9 out of 10 for the design and form factor. Everything is neatly packed, smoothly finished and custom fabricated with the buttons ideally located for a perfect music phone. The backlighting effect is appreciated.

I'm a person who prefers phones with a bigger display. Nokia 5130 display area is not the largest ever but definitely satisfying for a budget phone with compact design.

The music quality and stereo effects are good to hear in the headphone. The keypad is robust and comfortable to type.

Initially when the phone was introduced people complained about hanging problems and phone getting automatically restarted issues. Its been a week since I bought the phone and there are no issues till now.


The battery was a bit of a let down by Nokia. When I opened the back panel and found that the battery is the same old BL-5C that created a hullabaloo not long ago was psychologically disappointing.

The microUSB data cable that came along with the phone was incredibly short and there is absolutely no way I can place my phone on the table once I plugged it in the PC's USB slot.

Bluetooth is the only plausible data transfer option. The microUSB cable is short and there is no software CD in the package.

Inability to connect to Wi-Fi networks, lack of office tools, cheesy loud speakers at high volume, etc are desirable features missing on the phone.


Unknown said...

Nice post!!!!Following u dude//

Anonymous said...

Yuppy i agree totally with you too, i just bought it 2 weeks ago, no hanging happened, good voice and i use a notebook so it can put beside it when transferring data with cable. maybe the battery issue is the just somehow annoying thing to me, it lasts for 2 days while i am not using it really much, what if i made a lot of calls and listened to music and navigated the web! i don't know yet

ZooKie said...

hi nice info..

Sam D. said...

great post...hello! thank you for the visit. Have a blessed week and keep in touch :)

JOIS said...

if there's no CD included in the can i transfer music/mp3 files from PC to my phone? pls help

Anonymous said...

You can download it through the internet. Just visit their website.

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