What is a VPN?

Virtual private network is a cost effective solution for companies to extend network connectivity to its employees in every corner of the globe. Consider a company sends an employee to another country that is far away from the company headquarters on a secret mission. There must be some way for the employee to retort to the company and access the private network of the company in a secure way. The company cannot install a private network across countries because it would be expensive. Therefore they must find a way to communicate with the employee in a secure manner using the internet. This is were a virtual private network comes in to the picture. A VPN is a private network connection that is virtual in the sense that there is no dedicated private physical network connecting the entities. But the traffic is sent via the public internet that is vulnerable to attack in a secure manner. Private traffic is carried on the public network in a safe manner using several technologies like encryption, firewalls, authentication, IPsec, etc. VPN gives an organization the freedom to clandestinely communicate with its outbound employees in an economical fashion.


pcmemoirs said...

Is VPN hard to set up? I want to connect 2 networks through the Internet. Is this when I need a VPN?

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great job with your blog. i have added you as well thanks

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