Solar Energized Housing Complex

A housing complex in Kolkata is designed to tap solar energy and utilize it for household applications. It is also possible to feedback energy to the grid when excess power is available. The residents will also get paid for the power returned to the grid. This project is the first of its kind in the country and is expected to inspire the nation. This photo voltaic technology is already in use in Europe and other developed nations. Photo voltaic technology basically involves materials that emit electrons when light is incident on them. Our former president Abdul Kalam had also urged the young students of our country to research on photovoltaic energy. The solar tiles embedded on top of the roof in this complex are able to generate 2KW of power. When there is a shortage of solar power the grid will supply power and when solar power is surplus the reverse process happens. Tapping solar energy will bring down the internal temperature of houses during summer. Power will be available even when there is a conventional power cut. The most crucial aspect of solar powering homes is that it will reduce the amount of carbon emission which will have an impact on global warming. Cost is a major constraint in implementing the system in countries like India but things are looking up for the future.


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