WaiverWire announces free Stimulus Package

WaiverWire - the leading NFL resource on the web has launched a free tool known as "The Stimulus Package" to let NFL fans join the fantasy football bandwagon. The 2009 NFL season promises a visual treat to the fans and WaiverWire.com gives a bird's eye view of the NFL action on the web. Those who cannot afford the premium packages can access the tools and statistics offered by WaiverWire free of cost by signing up for "The Stimulus Package". My love for fantasy football is undying and my favorite NFL player is Knowshon Moreno. The high flying running back is a class apart and I love him for his on field acrobatic adventures. I'm expecting a brilliant show by my man this season and hopefully Denver can make it to the top this time. But my money is on Nnamdi Asomugha and he might turn out to be the extraordinary performer this season. Throughout this season I'll be keeping an eye on player statistics and rankings delivered by WaiverWire in the hunt for the best player of NFL 2009. People at my office often talk about their favorite players and flaunt their NFL knowledge. Now that I have signed up with WaiverWire, I can make use of the player comparison feature and give an apt repartee to them.


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