Technology aiding safe bike ride

Honda has always been the pioneer in ensuring safety for motorcycle drivers. In 2006 they incorporated air bags in motorcycles to protect the rider from fatal injuries during a mishap. Now they have come up with a new GPS based technology that will minimize the number of road accidents. According to a research more than 80% of accidents were mainly due to human mistakes. The driver fails to see an oncoming vehicle and loses control of his vehicle. The new system depends on GPS data and inter-vehicle wireless communication. The system will gather data from satellite about the vehicles in its proximity. It will alert the rider and the drivers of other vehicles about any possible chance of collision. The system will permit collision avoidance maneuvers thereby preventing any vehicles to come into physical contact with each other. The system is also compatible with many major manufacturers. Often in a road accident the mistake might have been committed by one driver and the other driver will be innocent. Road safety is the prerogative of every traveler and technologies like these will help in attaining that level in the future. Let us wish that this technology is successful and will be implemented in our motorcycles very soon.


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