Cars can fly

Every time I get clogged in heavy traffic I always wished I could have a flying car to fly above all the vehicles and reach my destination on time. I even saw this type of a concept in a movie called The Fifth Element where the entire city had airborne vehicles. All these which were a dream yesterday will be a reality in a couple of years. Moller International is developing a car that can fly in the air and can be maneuvered like a helicopter. The vehicle is named as Autovolantor and it is based on the Ferrari 599 GTB model. Eight powerful thrusters help to lift the car from the ground and then vents will tilt the car for forward flight. The car is expected to hit the 150mph mark in the air and reach 100mph on the roads. It can fly up to a distance of 75 miles in the air. A hybrid fuel and electric system will generate the necessary 800 horse power to power the thrusters. Autovolantor can touch an altitude of 5000 feet in air. The car might be priced somewhere around ₤500,000 and so the middle class has to keep dreaming about a flying car.


Anonymous said...

wow its cool cars....!

kittykat said...

cars flying??that would be great..much more space up there that down means less traffic, less travel time..more convenient.

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