AMD unveils 45nm Opteron

Processor giant AMD has launched its newest processor the 45nm quad-core Opteron in its mission to increase its market share globally. By launching well before its planned release by Q1 2009 AMD has turned the heat on in the race for power-efficient high performance processors. Opteron will be able to deliver 35% more performance than the previous products from AMD. But the crucial aspect is the 35% reduction in power consumption made possible by the 'Smart Fetch' technology. The system switches to the halt mode during idle times which is the basic concept of AMD's CoolCore technology. India has played an integral part in the design of the processor. Opteron consumes 75W power and processors that consume only 55W power are in the menu card of AMD for early 2009. IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems and Dell have given a thumbs up to the new processor and will be shipping Opteron embedded machines during this quarter. AMD believes that these chips are easier to replace than the ones from Intel which the later denies.


WARSHOCK said...

AMD is Intel's competition, and like AMD, Intel's six core Xeon is also made in India. nice post bro.

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