Pasanga - Film review

Pasanga is an interesting film that touches the depths of childhood and school life. The film starts off in a wobbly manner with the kids being portrayed as naughty bugs and some of the scenes just fail to connect us to our own childhood. The director could have made a better attempt in depicting school life in my opinion. But the story settles down nicely interwoven with childhood egos and family sentiments. The love between Vimal and Vega is the most beautiful aspect of the movie. They are wacky yet passionate and capture our hearts with their sublime performance. The film has a strong message for parents. Parents must keep their own differences apart and encourage their children to succeed. The director has exhibited his true talent in the scene between the heads of both the families near a pond. The music is satisfactory with "Oru Vetkam Varuthe" and "Iraiva Iraiva" still lingering in my mind. Pasanga is a complete family entertainer and it is worth a watch.


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