Pen drive virus

Yesterday I got a pen drive from my friend and inserted it into my PC. The pen drive had some video clips and pdf books which my friend had put from his system. Unfortunately when I opened the pen drive on my system, my anti-virus software alerted me about some viruses and worms in the pen drive. So I selected the heal option and some of the viruses where quarantined. After cleaning up I again opened the pen drive. To my surprise all the folders and files were missing and the drive was empty. I was very much disappointed because it had important data and I was eager to access them. When I checked the properties, it showed that the drive is full. So I got an idea. I just right clicked on the pen drive icon and clicked on search option. Voila! All the files became visible in the search results. I copied them from the search window in to my own hard drive. What a misery with viruses and worms..!


Bailey Baretto said...

that's very unfortuante. hope you could retrieve your important files and delete the virus that attacked your pc.

BuddyTheGuy said...

r u crazy???
its so common the virus changed the attributes of all your folders as hidden and system folder, thats why u r not able to see any file or folder.
Just go in u r control panel and select folder options on in it select view. and uncheck the hide system files checkbox and select show hidden files..

The folder u seen before healing the virus are actually the virus which links directly to the respective folder. So when u click such any file the virus opens the respective folder and spreads itself into the machine.

The Rock said...

You can distinguish the virus corrupted files by looking at the file extensions and deleting them before proceeding to click on them. The original files can now be identified and recovered. Hope this helps!

Geek said...

Sometimes the virus in pendrive will make the hidden files to disappear. The usual windows fix Tools -> Folder Options -> Hidden Files and folders -> Show hidden files will not work. You need to do the below procedure.

1. Start -> Run -> regedit

2. Go to the path : HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Explorer -> Advanced -> Folder -> Hidden -> SHOWALL

3. Change the value of the DWORD "CheckedValue" as 1.

4. If it doesn't work right click on "CheckedValue" and delete it. Again right click on a blank space in the window and select New -> DWORD Value. Give the name of the DWORD as "CheckedValue". Again right click on the "CheckedValue" and select modify -> Value Data = 1

Hope this helps

Harman said...

Absolutely the files are make super hidden by virus..and after healing of virus, files stays hidden... The above solution are good.. u can also heal these files by a small tool download here

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