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Football is a passion and being the NO.1 in the game is all about gaining the edge. The winners always stay ahead of the game and plan much better than the others. WaiverWire Beta is one place that provides all the breaking fantasy football news first before others and contains premier statistics about every player and team. The Stat Analysis Software will help you plan your strategies better and expose the weaknesses of your opponent in the field. The high-tech social networking platform keeps you updated on the latest happenings in the world of football.

WaiverWire Beta is a perfect hub for young football players and fans to fine tune their knowledge and skills and share their views. Experts can make use of this cutting edge technology to play with the edge. The Guru Zone will provide advice on your game and help you perform better. The customizable news delivery model combined with power stat analysis tools and useful advisory services make the best football portal in the web according to me. Just check out this cool football website and feel the advantage. I would like to see a football celebrity chat section at WaiverWire soon. There is no doubt that is an absolute boon for football lovers and professionals.


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