The market - by an innocent

We all know that the global economy is weak and people are losing jobs everyday. I'm neither a financial expert nor a MBA student. I'm an engineering graduate waiting for my call letter from a reputed IT firm and I know very little about the markets. Watching the news and financial channels on tv I can conclude one thing for sure. That is no one knows about the cause of this fall or the future. If they ask any analyst you get the same answer and that is "anything can happen". The so called experts still don't know where the bottom is. People say the greed of the wall street is the reason for the collapse. In 2007 the companies just came in heaps to our campus and selected almost 90% of the students but now my juniors get only a few visiting companies. Don't the companies know at that point of time that there will be a global turmoil in the future? People managing the companies should have predicted these things because they received their education from top B-schools and are regarded as the best in the world. Are the managers and CEOs monotonous? Don't they plan for failures? Aren't any mitigation measures available? Is life all about happiness and you don't want to face the darker side? Still everyone looks at the heaven and hopes for things to settle down by themselves. God save us...!


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