Safe online shopping software

Online shopping is gaining popularity owing to rising fuel costs and fluctuating market prices. A dwindling global economy has forced us to spend carefully and risk-free. I often buy electronic goods online because I can browse and analyze all the products and merchants before making the purchase. But e-shopping has its own risks like identity theft, fraudulent shopping websites, phishing and unsafe transactions. In this deceptive world it is hard to trust anyone and I always had a suspicion that someone might tap into my transactions. But every problem has a solution and thank God I came across buySAFE. The buySAFE Shopping Advisor is a free tool that will help you shop online safely. The buySAFE Shopping Advisor will provide direct access to over 250,000 online stores which are handpicked and identified as trustworthy merchants. By downloading the application you will ensure that any online transaction is guaranteed up to $25,000 with a buySAFE Bond Guarantee - free with the Shopping Advisor. The Shopping Advisor application also provides ratings based on the safety standards adopted by more than 320,000 eCommerce websites indexed in major search engines and shopping websites. What more can you ask for? Now we don't need to mull over doubtful sites and wonder whether they are safe. Just relax and let Shopping Advisor do the job for you.


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