Quick-start Computers

Everyday I get up early in the morning and switch on my computer first. Then I go and brush my teeth before sitting in front of the desktop. I use Windows XP and it takes a couple of minutes for my system to boot which is very annoying at times. Sometimes even my cell phone doesn't start swiftly. Computer manufacturing giants have decided to address this issue and develop faster starting systems. HP, Dell and Lenovo are rolling out new machines that will enable you to work with email and web browser in less than thirty seconds. Asus is working on a faster booting software for its products. Microsoft has also promised to improve the booting time in its future operating systems. It is reported that only 35% of computers running on Vista boot in less than 30 seconds. The internet is forcing the industry towards faster electronic circuits and high speed algorithms for software. Every seconds is precious and people are getting intolerant with lengthy boot time systems. Companies wish to gain advantage by having quick-start systems to perform better in a competitive environment.


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