Pen Top Chronicle

The old saying "Pen is mightier than the sword" has depreciated in recent times with the advent of the keyboard. But a revival is in progress thanks to pen tops. A pen top is an I/O device that performs on paper as well as on a computer interface. It has in-built memory and processing capability making it a powerful portable gadget. Lightscribe's Pulse Pen(USD 200) can record audio, convert handwritten text on a special paper to digital soft copy and perform document search by integrating it with a PC. LeapFrog's Fly Fusion Pen(USD 70) can play sound apart from recording and text conversion operations. It will also remind your appointments and could be used as an identifier and as a calculator. Another type of pen available in the markets called the Wi-Fi Pen(USD 20) can indicate the presence of a Wi-Fi network within 50 feet by the push of a button. Brando's USB pen has a full-fledged MP3 player and an FM radio to rejoice anywhere but battery life will be a major constraint for playback. Someother special types of pen used by cops can scan handwritten notes and preserve authentic handwriting formats for filling forms and reports. If your profession involves hectic sessions of manual writing or typewriting don't hesitate to try out these multi-purpose pens.


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