Upload and share photos instantly at Pict.com

Pict is the exciting new picture hosting website that will allow you to upload unlimited images to the pict server and share it with your friends, website visitors, forum, blogs etc. Pict is a user friendly website exclusive for photo sharing. The whole process is very fast and you don't have to go through a frustrating registration procedure to upload pictures. The uploaded pictures can be custom scaled to your desired size such as 150, 320 and 640 without using a picture editor on your desktop. A great feature is that no one can see your images without your permission and provides privacy for personal images. Pict also generates direct links for you to post them in your blogs, boards and also mail to your friends. You can also upload images from other websites and distribute it to others. If you want to resize any image from the web and put it in your site then make use of pict for easy editing. Everything looks very simple and easy to use without need of any expert knowledge. Nearly twenty pictures can fit in to the screen space and this is an added advantage of pict. Pict is a new hosting site and more new features can be expected in the near future.


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