Renal failure is a cruel disease in which the kidneys refuse to function properly. This could occur at any age. Patients with renal failure should undergo a kidney transplant surgery for longevity. Patients must perform dialysis inorder to survive until transplantation is done.

The kidneys act as the filter in our body by purifying the blood from metabolic wastes and toxins. The kidney is made up of a huge number of nephrons or uriniferous tubules which are the structural and functional blocks of the kidney. These perform the filtering process and any failure in filtering is fatal. Dialysis is the method by which blood is purified artificially in patients with renal failure. Dialysis is of two types namely hemodialysis ad peritoneal dialysis. In hemodialysis the impure blood is taken out from the body and cleansed in a machine and returned to the body. In peritoneal dialysis a solution is ran inside the body which acts as a semi-permeable membrane to purify the blood. Hemodialysis is economical and safer than peritoneal dialysis. Professionals who go to work in the day time can perform dialysis in the night. Many hospitals in the city are now providing this facility. Advanced technology called nocturnal dialysis in the western nations allows the persons to sleep while dialysis is in action. This technology is not yet feasible in India.


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