Spanish fonts like never before

Here is a website that offers you a huge collection of spanish true type fonts which can be downloaded for free from the webmasters. HBZ is one of the most famous websites of spanish community and has several popular sections. A new service called true type fonts lets you download spanish fuentes for free. The database has more than 31k fonts which is much greater than the fonts offered by other websites. You have the option to preview every font in different styles and in any color you like. The styles are very good and instructions are given about the fonts. The service is completely user friendly and technically good. The service is essentially a spanish service but any user can easily download it from the website. One thing that impressed me is the enormous amount of fonts available and the appearance of them. All the colors are available for the fonts and you can choose the best for your use.

Another highly useful feature provided by the website is the list of proxys which are updated daily. The table provides a list of proxys with the IP address, port number and the country name. You can trust this website to provide you with the best possible spanish fuentes.


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