Depression can make you Diabetic

Type-2 diabetes is related closely to obesity and indolent lifestyle. A recent study has proved that depressed people are more likely to develop type-2 diabetes than others apart from the fact that diabetes can lead to depression. Both the conditions are interdependent and should be dealt with carefully.

The study made by American researchers has revealed that 42% of people with symptoms of depression have a greater risk of developing diabetes than the others who do not exhibit these symptoms. Another interesting observation from the study was that as the symptoms increase the risk factor also increases. The fact that depression leads to diabetes is no longer a myth and there are scientific explanations for it. Doctors believe that depressed persons lead a lethargic lifestyle, eat more than others, do not exercise adequately or no exercise at all and more vulnerable to bad habits like smoking and drinking. This can lead to elevated levels of blood sugar because they burn less calories everyday. An alarming information is that depression can promote the level of stress hormones like cortisol which can influence blood sugar levels. There is no point in getting depressed for any reason considering the ill effects of it. Lets lead a happy life that will lead to a healthy life.


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