Design matters today

People all over the world are getting design conscious with their electronic gadgets these days. Lifestyle is changing and people are not willing to compromise in their looks and style. They need more glamorous as well as highly user friendly equipments are their disposal.

Every electronic manufacturer is looking at a compact and easy to interact design for their products. Things have changed from mouse, keyboard and stylus to touch screen, sensors and voice recognition. Apple's iphones lets you do magic with your fingers. The Microsoft Surface is a sliding genius. Nintendo gives you more freedom even in swinging a baseball bat. The new HTC Touch Diamond is an epitome of 3D experience. Mobile phone companies are constantly engaging themselves in design reviews according to changing demands. A company which makes devices more feasible and friendly to the user will succeed well than the others. Design seems to be the mantra for profit at this point of time. People are emotional with their gadgets and consider them as their companions. The interactions with the system are getting more human like and there is an invisible bond between the user and the device. Companies should keep this in mind as they prepare machines for the future.


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