India's first hybrid car

Honda has launched its brand new hybrid sedan in to the Indian market. The car works in dual mode on petrol as well as electric according to the situation. The car is more friendly to the environment and also consumes less fuel when compared with all other cars in the country. The downside is the pricing of the car which costs a whopping Rs 21.5 lakh which is twice the rate of a normal car.

Because of the high price the car will have less takers but the technology is the correct way to move forward with rising fuel prices and burning inflation. The Honda sedan owes 47 percent fuel efficiency and lesser emission rate. The car has a capacity of 1.3 litre engine supported by an electric motor. The peculiar aspect of this car is that it does not require external charging. The battery is automatically charged during braking or coasting through a technology called regenerative braking. The engine is turned off and the car runs in electric power at lower speeds like in a city traffic and shifts to the petrol engine at higher speeds. During this period the charging takes place automatically. The product is costly at the moment but we must appreciate the fact that this could be the future technology.


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