Sensors to aid in heart ailments

Doctors can have a few advantages in treating heart patients but installing a sensor that monitors the performance characteristics of the heart. The sensors can improve the quality of life and helps the patients to manage the disease themselves more efficiently. A patient who has undergone a heart surgery needs monitoring under hospital circumstances but sensors can do the job with the patient at home. The sensor will help the doctors to accurately predict the timing of an operation to be performed on a person with chronic heart disorder by providing information continuously. The number of heart failure cases is going up day by day and these sensors will have a major impact in reducing the rate of failures and estimating future health problems.

The sensor made up of semiconductor materials vibrates at a rate proportional to the pressure inside the heart. These vibrations are converted into radio pulses by a detector and measured in a reader. A patient can see his own readings at home on the reader. Several doctors have welcomed this pressure sensor technology. The device may not be a cure but certainly a step ahead in treating heart patients. Atleast it prevents the nostalgia of hospitals...!


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