Moving forward with E-bikes

The rocketing inflation and the increase in fuel prices has made people to think twice regarding their mode of transportation. The vehicle owners are looking at possible ways to bring down their transportation expenditure. The effect of inflation is real and people need to look in terms of long term gains instead of transient solutions. Some of the public believe that the prices could still go up and there is a need for better alternatives.

One of the best alternatives is cycling which is a form of exercise as well but it is not conducive for travelling long distances. A few people are looking at LPG powered vehicles as a good prospect. E-Bikes are the next big thing which are environment friendly as well as economical. The Chinese have already mastered the technology and have welcomed it with both hands. In a country like India with lots of two wheelers shifting to e-bikes will not be a major problem. The TI cycles company has been manufacturing e-bikes in India. But the company's e-bikes will be commercially available only by September. The feasibility of this electric bikes is an issue which has to be settled. They need four hours of charging which will power them to 50 to 70 Km. Setting up charging points like petrol bunks will ease the situation. Many people are already looking forward to this technology.


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