Yaradi Nee Mohini - Movie Review

The film is a bit slow in the beginning for the first twenty minutes or so and then gathers momentum due to excellent performances by Dhanush, Nayanthara, Raghuvaran, Karthick and Saranya Mohan. The film starts with Dhanush in search for a job facing all sorts of questions in his interviews and finally getting placed in a company where Nayanthara is his project leader.Raghuvaran plays the role of a usual middle class father in his own beautiful way. The film takes a huge turn when Raghuvaran dies the next day after he was insulted by Nayanthara.Dhanush was left stranded and his friend Karthick comes to his rescue by inviting him to his native place for his marriage. A disaster awaits Dhanush when he comes to know that Nayanthara is the fiancee of Karthick.

The cute Saranya Mohan who has been casted as the sister of Nayanthara is full of vigor and slowly a love triangle forms between Dhanush and the sisters. Saranya's character is handled exceptionally well. She is portrayed as an adolescent girl madly in love but later was made to realise that its too early to seek a guy in life by Dhanush himself. But the downside is that the director has just forgot to decide the fate of Karthick. The climax is a bit too lengthy and should have been crisper. The film deserved a clean and clear climax.


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