Alzheimer's disease hope

A recent study reported in the journal BMC Neurology hints that a drug is capable of restoring speech ability in Alzheimer's patients. But experts have warned that it requires further testing in various other laboratories before we drawing up any conclusions. They are also concerned that these early results may raise premature hopes in patients and their families. The study conducted on 12 patients who showed improved language recall shortly after treating them with Enbrel or Etanercept, an anti-inflammatory drug. Patients showed verbal effects within few minutes of the first dose. Dr.Tobinik had invented this method which involves injecting the medicine in to the neck. He is charging between 10000-40000$ per patient for the treatment.

The Alzheimer's Association is concerned about the effectiveness of the treatment and has demanded for further studies. But Dr.Tobinik is upbeat about his invention and reports that patients show significant improvement. He said that the drug by working in the brain will block an excess of TNF which affects the communication. Dr.Scott Turner wants this drug to be tested under rigorous conditions. Whatever it may be let us pray that the disease will get a cure soon.


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