Border Security on ABC

I live in India and I like this program called Border Security telecast on Australia Network at 6.30PM IST. The weekly television program gives an insight in to the immigration procedures adopted by leading airports in Australia. After watching the program for nearly two months now I find even the most educated people getting stuck with the customs officials. Most of them are oblivious about the rules to be followed while traveling abroad. Watching this program will educate people about the do's and don'ts while taking a trip down under. There are several guidelines to be followed and people often find themselves stupid for not having read the rules before embarking. The program also shows light on illegal drug peddlers using every trick in the trade to deceive the authorities. The astute authorities use technology and their sixth sense to identify the culprits. Most of us don't know exactly what it takes to get clearance from the customs. There is no point in traveling without knowing the rules. So watching this program regularly will make you realize your mistakes the next time you travel to a foreign country. The program is not just a part of your learning process but it is also exciting and thrilling to watch.


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