My Computer

Everyday when I sit before my computer I have to be careful not to touch the monitor or any other part of the computer that is not insulated. The earthing in my house is not proper I guess and every electronic instrument in my home is in danger. Actually I'm using a spike buster and I thought it will compensate for the improper earthing. But it is of no use and the problem still persists. Anyone who dares to touch my computer will get severely injured. While sitting in front of my computer I always make sure that my feet are not touching the ground. This helps me nullify the shock effect. My friends have warned me that my PC will get spoilt. They were right, just a few weeks before I got my mother board replaced which cost me nearly Rs.9000. Now they say even my hard disk is in danger if I don't take any action soon. Being an electronic student I know about the hazards of poor earthing. I don't want another fault to occur in my PC. I'm going to call an electrician today.


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