Blu-ray blues

Many believe that Sony's Blu-ray has defeated Toshiba's HD-DVDs. Since Time Warner announced that it will not release its films in HD-DVD format blu-ray discs are on top. Blue lasers are thinner than conventional red lasers which means smaller writing area on the disc and more information storage or high package density. The customers are in a fix. First they bought movies on VHS tapes, then came CDs, now DVDs and maybe HD-DVDs or Blu-ray in the future. How can I have the same movie in different formats. While the battle between HD-DVDs and Blu-ray continues another phenomenon that can have an impact is online movie rental and downloads. Apple and Netflix already fighting it out with downloading movies online. The other important factor affecting this is movies available streaming online. You can just sit and watch a whole new movie without downloading and sometimes even without paying. Streaming videos are of poor quality but people don't mind. All these developments will be exciting to see who wins in the next few years.


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