Comedy climate now in Chennai

I'm writing this post more out of madness rather than frustration or anything else. The reason is that I cannot understand the climate here. When I put on the fan in my house I feel very cold and very uncomfortable. But when I switch it off it starts sweating all over my body. It is an eerie feeling and very hard to convince myself. This is just the intermediate season between summer and the monsoon season. After suffering from the scorching summer over the past couple of months we are awaiting the monsoons here. To be honest we are awaiting the cyclones since Chennai gets most of its rain from cyclonic storms. Now we get occasional drizzles and dark clouds but not essentially rainfall. I'm also confused about my costume at home. Wearing a shirt increases sweating and removing it makes me quiver. I'm also catching cold frequently because of this type of oscillating climatic condtions. I'm also bewildered at times whether to carry an umbrella when I go out since there is always a cloud cover in the sky. The water in my well is also going dry day by day and I wish the rain Gods show some mercy for us here in Chennai.


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