Facebook faces a shank controversy

Facebook, one of the leading social networking sites is being made culpable for spreading violence among children. One of the applications in facebook called as Superpoke allows users to virtually stab each other with a dagger like tool. Reacting to the controversy facebook has removed the element from its website. People campaigning against the use of knife online believe that this will send out the wrong message to children. Violent activities using knives are increasing among the youngsters according to reports. Therefore the kids should be driven away from these situations. The Superpoke application was created by slide.com and it allows users to send hugs, kisses, winks, cakes etc to other facebook users. A shank icon in the application could be used to stab each other. People are blaming facebook for being so irresponsible and demand severe actions by the authorities. Facebook is a wonderful platform for people to interact and redeem themselves. Controversies like this won't please the purist.


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