An interview myth

I'm a person who got selected in my first interview for a software company. I studied in a reputed college and understandably got my placement via campus interview. Though I haven't attended many interview sessions in my life I have heard numerous interview experiences from my friends. One thing that has puzzled me regarding interviews is that people often says that there selection panels and rejection panels in an interview conducted by any company. This is a fact that even I have come across during my won interviews but my mind has always refused to believe it. I had my interview for nearly 40 minutes and got selected by a company in the end. But some of my friends had an interview session that lasted only for 5 minutes and came out successfully. They were asked only basic questions and they told me that every guy who attended interview with a particular HR got selected. Some of my friends who didn't get selected complained that all the persons interviewed by a particular HR were rejected. So they believed that the two types of panels existed in reality. I have to admit the fact that some of my seniors who were already placed warned me about this concept before my interview.

Fortunately I got my placement and many of my friends also got placed in other companies in the ensuing months. But the mystery remains to be solved. I believe an interview is a test of character and we should never get pulled down by these myths.


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