Power cut in Chennai

For the first time in history Chennai will have power being cut off for an hour from Monday. Tamilnadu Electricity Minister ARCOT VEERASAMY announced today that there is a shortage of power of nearly 1000MW and immediate action is necessary. By halting power supply for one hour in Chennai and for two hours in other major corporations a saving of nearly 300MW of power could be achieved. Also all the major industries will be granted one day leave in a week which will further reduce power consumption. To the people of Tamilnadu who were grieving under the undeclared power cuts over the last few months this present announcement will worsen their plight. The scarcity of power is attributed to lack of supply from the Hydel units of Tamilnadu. Water resources have gone dry and people are awaiting the monsoon. The Government has made this decision after consulting with the major industrialists in the state. It remains to be seen what impact it will have on the lifestyle of people in Chennai. Stung by inflation and the hike in fuel prices the power cut announcement couldn't have come at a better time. Lets hope that our miseries will atleast end here and the monsoons arrive sooner to save us.


chubskulit-rose said...

it is so difficult having power outage.. we just got one today.. Soooo damn hot! Hope u can drop by again and probably leave me some comments if you could.. thanks..

Avrianza said...

in my place, always get power outage :(, but live and work must go on

Nanaybelen said...

now that we're used to living with electricity, it's hard for us to live in power outage. hope it turns fine there.

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