Missile Shield for India

After years of research and development it is now time to intercept missiles from the enemies. The two-tier missile shield will insulate Delhi from a possible terror strike. The scientists are working on the final phase of the project will soon be put to test under different conditions. The missile shield is made of two layers. The Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) will intercept an incoming missile at a height of 85Km and in case it misses the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) will encounter the missile at 35Km above the ground. The intercepting missile will travel at a velocity of 1.7KMps and the scientists are working on a 3-5KMps model. If the test is successful it will be integrated with the air defence grid for operation in other volatile cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai etc. The technology has already been mastered by all the developed nations in the world and India will be the latest addition. The tests are scheduled for September 2008 and lets keep our fingers crossed.


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