Biofuel for cars

INEOS, the world's third largest chemical company claims that it has patented a method to produce bioethanol from municipal solid waste, agricultural left overs and commercial organic wastes. The company will be ready to market the biofuel by 2010. But the bioethanol should be mixed with a normal fuel before filling it in your car. This will help reduce your fuel bills which are now soaring high. The company has said that it will require 1 tonne of dry waste to produce 400 litres of bioethanol. The process involves heating the waste materials and generate gases which will be acted upon by bacterias to produce bioethanol that can be refined to produce fuel. The product is the brainchild of research for nearly 20years. The researchers have been working on this project since 2003 in a pilot plant by testing several waste materials. The fuel is believed to have better efficiency than other methods of producing biofuel. We cannot depend on fossil fuels for a long time and the resources are limited. Its high time that we realize the situation and plan for our future energy demands. There is also a overwhelming need to find methods to treat the daily wastes. By using technology the wastes could converted in to useful fuel.


Imelda said...

hoping this would materialize and not suppressed by the oil magnates.

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