Kuselan facts

Tamil cinema has reached a pinnacle thanks to films like Sivaji and Dasavatharam. Now its time for Kuselan to break the records. The superstar is optimistic about the film and the initial statistics are stunning. The Theatre rights alone have fetched Rs.63 crores and the total revenue for the first phase of sales have crossed Rs.100 crores. All this because one magical name Rajinikanth. In an era where new films face several hurdles like pirated DVDs and internet downloading Kuselan's audio rights have been sold for over Rs.2.5 crores which is incredible. Rajini has infinite fans across the globe and no wonder his films are highly successful. The film Sivaji is a landmark in Tamil cine industry in terms of profit but Dasavatharam has broken it. Now its rajini's turn to give a friendly reply to Kamalahasan through Kuselan. Kuselan has broken the record set by Sivaji and Dasavatharam for the number of prints for the film. Kuselan has 1200 prints under process beating 800 prints for sivaji and 1000 for Dasavatharam. The film will be released worldwide and in more than 200 theatres here in Tamilnadu. It is the remake of a malayalam film and Pasupathi is the hero of the movie.


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